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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Success and happiness

In the article of:,
featured me on the topic of happiness, success and setting goals.

Generally speaking I am referring to the basic requirements of to be happy. ( Good health, sufficient money, a good spouse and a happy family)

A person can be successful but unhappy and vice versa. A person may not be consider successful but happy. Success is subjective, different people has different views on success.

Mike Tyson may be consider successful as he able to earn $300 millions but unhappy. See the way he spent his money until he was bankrupt, he might be trying to buy happiness with money.

With all her glitter and glamour, happiness had eluded Princess Diana, .

Freddie Mercury lead singer of Queen, with the most popular hit in the world(We are the champions) with all his talents and success, died of Aids, at 39 gave away all his money, $50 millions to charities.

I had known numerous unsung heroes who live a simple, unglamourous life yet they are happy.

Contrary to what Mr Wang say, I do set specific goals, at this juncture of my life most of my wishes had came true.

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Brian said...

Salam kenal..wah blog mengenai happiness saya juga ada hampir mirip sikit..Boleh lah mampir Henry
Salam dari jakarta