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Monday, October 8, 2012

Went to an interesting Getai

Few nights ago went to a wonderful Getai. Getai is always a special part of our culture.

It always has a special place in my heart, through the memorable years, which kindled many emotions.

Over the years the quality of the voices had improved. Some has a following in their facebook accounts.

Since young every year, we look forward to listen to our favourite songs and hear them crack some jokes.

Years ago we would climbed up the stages to watch the performers closer, as a result some stages collapsed under the weight.

Nowadays  many singers started young, they has many years of experience and their voices are powerful.

Most of the song they sing cater for the older generations. Apparently can be observed in the crowds.

I wander will they innovate and bring it to the next level. Singapore born innovated and made a huge success out of traditional musical instrument.

Photo show a singer belting out one of my favourite songs:昨夜星辰 which she sing very well.