The amazing James Cook University at Sims Drive

James Cook University Sims Drive Singapore

Friday, February 25, 2011

Amazing video interview with Lynzabel Lee and Vicky Yuan

Interview with Lynzabel Lee and Vicky Yuan, look at this interesting video on Youtube.

The interview with model and actress Lynzabel Lee and Vicky Yuan.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Young children training to be Stuntmen?

Take a look at these interesting pics, click to enlarge. Went pass a school, saw many children preparing to climb the poles with strings attached,  helmets and harnesses. The poles look like around 50 metres in height. Potentially the next Jackie Chan in the making?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

How the likes of Zoe Tay and Chew Chor Meng, came into pictures.

In the 80s I felt that the Mediacorp  artistes, could improve further.

I wrote a letter the then called Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (now Mediacorp) suggesting to them, why not hold  contests to draw more talents with good incentives and generous rewards.

Sometimes later  SBC do hold regularly contests (Star Search) to bring out the talents, and later invited various international countries, which also produce the like of Jeff Wang from Taiwan.

Maybe Mediacorp should draw furtherpotential high potential international talents like producers, scriptwriters and cameramen etc to come to Singapore, to produce international acclaimed/blockbuster films?  With more generous incentives? Another contest?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wow! I received a letter from Jackie Chan

My amazing feats was done years ago, as I had lost the tape. Fortunately Jackie Chan willing to verify my feats. 
(Click on letter to enlarge it). 
Some years ago Jackie Chan and the cameraman, came down to my house to record my cycling and freestyle soccer juggling feats.
It was video recorded in 4 places in 2 days.
At East Coast Park, my home downstairs, Woodsville Secondary School & beside National Stadium.
Since it was some years ago. My VHS videotape recording was destroyed by moth.
I had asked her from the master tape. She replied that it was erased and agreed to verify it in writing.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Take a look at these amazing pics of a young lady fishing with her baby at Kallang River

Sometimes she concentrated on her fishing, sometime she pacified her baby.

Many people came to fish at the river, some used hooks, some used the nets.

Many retirees spent their times fishing there.

Some brought along whole range of equipments.

Quite a few cast their nets there

Some fishes were up to a foot were caught.

Kallang River used to have lots of rubbish flowing down.

Now cleaners everyday collected the rubbish at the barriers, which were set up to block the rubbish from flowing down the river.

Many students were seen enjoying various sea sports around it.

People were jogging, cycling skating up and down the tracks.

Families with children came to enjoy them with many activites beside the beaches

There were hosts of activities like picnics, kayaking, sailing & fishing etc.
he Kallang river undergo numerous upgrades over the years, like exercise equipments, gardens, new signboards & jogging track etc.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Met Dick Lee in my most incredible Annual General Meeting

This is my most interesting AGM, what do you a think about, having a AGM in a dimly lit bar/club Movida. The type of setting where we could barely seen each other.

Possibly the first in the world?

Saw a friend who has many years experiences in the market, who regularly went to AGM, he lost his way finding the meeting. Directed him there. 

My friend is the only person who asked questions, Dennis Foo answered him.

Dick Lee the famous playwrite, composer, singer & actor was there, he didn't talk much.

Drank a few beer got a bit tipsy, which were served by waitress

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My photo was featured in America Website

My photo was featured in this America sports website:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Geylang, the next big thing?

The captivating Kallang River Singapore
Geylang is famous for its delicious food and sleazes.

There many hardware shops.

Many contractors come to buy tools and equipments from the area.

There are many religious organisations/buildings around the area.

Huge varieties of shops cater from different needs.

With recent huge influx of tourists to the Integrated Resorts.

Many buildings were torn down to make way for condos or private apartments. There are 44 condo slated for completed soon. It could be the 2nd grade Orchard Road with so many condo being built.

It will fast become a middle class enclaves

Savvy investors find the area value for money. With high rental yields.

The area is relatively cheap compare to other area. With the expectation of more tourists coming to the sport hub and the integrated resorts nearby.

There were many construction activities around it.

A new sports hub $2 billion is in construction nearby to be completed by 2014.

With new hotels and mass developments announced. Many shops are upgrading and renovating.

The upgrading of Geylang River and later the Kallang River.

Many interior design companies set up shops in the area.

Everyday there were new signboards replaced and shops were upgraded and renovated in the area.

More can be done to enhance it, to make it the next big tourist attractions?

Could Geylang transform into the next big thing, maybe in term of drawing of tourists.

The captivating Kallang River from 25th floors

Click to enlarge photos


Things started to change for the Kallang River when the government decided to clean up the river.

Singapore longest river used to carry lots of rubbish from various small drains or streams up.

Barriers/stoppers were made to block the rubbish, everyday the cleaners will remove the rubbish from the barriers.
With the government decided put aside $500 millions to upgrade the river and the park.

Fishes up to a foot can be seen caught.

When the $1.5 billions sports  and swimming hub, will turn the river into shoppings, hotels and entertainment centres.

With the massive development of parks, garden & observation centres around the river to enhances the living conditions and residences to enjoy the riverview. 

Many students all over singapore come to enjoy and practice their sea sports skills