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Sunday, September 3, 2017

More recent updates on the binder of testimony

Ling Chin Li came from  all the way from switzerland to Singapore to collect the binders from me, and brought it back to switzerland for kosen rufu

Phoebe Mok Hsin Yen of Columbia University New York City, interviewed me before she flew back to USA

She spent many hours in a few days interviewed me and Jerry Oh, the Vice General Director of Singapore Soka.

She brought along her laptop, with her to type  down what we said and took photo of me.

She worried that the most amazing testimonials binder,  with the name NSA, may caused misunderstanding. We are now called Soka Gakkai International.

A number of copies of the binders were brought and donated to various countries members by the ladies.

Numerous countries members or had asked their friends to collect from me.

Her blog and

Joanna Mok had recreated a new front page with various links together with the experiences.

Latest cover by J.  retyped and edited the cover with all the links

The link without the front page by Yvonne Yeo

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