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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Success and happiness

In the article of:,
featured me on the topic of happiness, success and setting goals.

Generally speaking I am referring to the basic requirements of to be happy. ( Good health, sufficient money, a good spouse and a happy family)

A person can be successful but unhappy and vice versa. A person may not be consider successful but happy. Success is subjective, different people has different views on success.

Mike Tyson may be consider successful as he able to earn $300 millions but unhappy. See the way he spent his money until he was bankrupt, he might be trying to buy happiness with money.

With all her glitter and glamour, happiness had eluded Princess Diana, .

Freddie Mercury lead singer of Queen, with the most popular hit in the world(We are the champions) with all his talents and success, died of Aids, at 39 gave away all his money, $50 millions to charities.

I had known numerous unsung heroes who live a simple, unglamourous life yet they are happy.

Contrary to what Mr Wang say, I do set specific goals, at this juncture of my life most of my wishes had came true.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Bloggers' meetup at Batam Kelong

I imagine if we hold a bloggers meetup at a kelong, it will be more challenging. Imagine the challenge of the preparations, the planning & the logistics.

I can't say we won't hold a gathering at the kelong. When I first perform in the National Day Parade, it was not so elaborate.

Now it is more complicate, high tech & took more months to prepare. More items were featured.

More creative juices will flow because the challenge to go to the place in the middle of the sea.
It will be a challenge to connect to the rest who can't go.(live coverage?)
How to effectively use the technology at the remote area to connect to the rest.
On the flip side, can watch the beautiful sun and the natural surronding , nice foods & karaoke, more and longer interaction time, possibly more innovations were made after that. It is likely to be a unforgetable experience.

Any interesting suggestions?
BlogOut panoramaPhoto by Kevin Lim

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blogout, 24 May , 55 Geek Terminal

Last night I was gratified to went to my first bloggers meeting. The mood were positive and encouraging. Each of them seem eager to share their thoughts.

Lots of media persons were present. Representatives from various major organisations were also present and were asked to give their views on the latest trends and directions.

Stomp team, Tomorrow bulletin & , some famous bloggers each took turns come out on the stage to give speeches and present their ideas about the future directions of the blogging communities.

There were lots of exchanges. Different bloggers were arranged as such to move around each tables to shares their ideas and networks.

Celebrities bloggers Joe Augustin & Genie each took turn to do their numbers. Click here for more comments &
more details at:

At the finale part of the meeting there were lucky draws from the sponsors.

Look forward to the coming meet up, the responses are likely to be overwhelming. Thanks everyone and the sponsors for organising the meeting.

Flickr photo by Kevin Lim:

Interesting coverage by :
Organisations at blogout:

Monday, May 21, 2007

Paper qualifications

It's a worrying trend that my numerous graduate friends of me either don't want to marry and doesn't want to bear children.

Might be due to fear of the difficulties or failures or have the courage to face the problems.

Some of my friends who doesn't qualify to enter the universities, anyway their parents felt that they should no matter what get a tertiary education, even their children is not qualified they would send them to an oversea education to get a piece of paper. Because societies emphasis on paper qualifications.

You can see numerous entrepreneurs, who didn't gone through the process. Suddenly got a Doctor title in front of their name cards, even they didn't went through the process, because they felt that is good to have a doctorate title when making deals or going to a meeting. And people would respect them more.

Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad in his book said that. Educational institutions fail to educate a child in investment and money management.

Thomas Edison only had primary 3 education yet he became the greatest inventor. His curiosities and seeking mind got the better of his limited 'paper qualification'. He hope that his inventions can vastly benefit humanities.

Henry Ford also had little education, yet he is one of the greatest entrepreneur. He is able to put together a much better qualify team of engineers them him to work for him. And made some of the greatest production technology innovations in history.

One of Singapore greatest entrepreneur Lien Ying Chow. Had no education, but set up and donate lots of money to the universities.

I gave my two children name that emphasis character and hope that they able to have exemplary characters in future.

Don't get me wrong, paper qualification is important. Problem with overemphasis on paper qualifications will got a person into problems later.

My slideshow:

Friday, May 18, 2007

The captivating kelong experiences
My pick of the most beautiful pictures of flickr.

More interesting ideas at:
At the Batam kelong, watching the wonderful sights of rising morning sun and sunset.

In the kelong at Batam, Indonesia which were organised by People Association with the corroboration with the tour agency for singles. I think this program that I joined, were among the happiest & the most memorable. About 20 of us.

Indonesia had ten thousands islands, which some are very interesting to explore.It had many beautiful undesea coral reefs. Numerous expeditions trying to find the sunken treasures around were made around he island. And we can see numerous oil rigs around.

In the morning when I woke up to watched the beautiful sunrise and at night sunset, what an enchanting sight. I used to lay on the wooden planks as the cool gentle sea breeze brow again me. Some of throw their lines down, trying to catch some fishes.

Karaoke were provided. We would took turn to sing to our heart content. Because the kelong now caught less fish, so they were converted to tourist attractions. We can view the fisherman pulled up the nets with their daily catch from the kelong. And then prepare some of the catches for our meals.

We also organised to played some games together.

One of the most attractive part of the journey fresh spicy seafood were provided for our meals, were some of the tastiest I ever tasted because of the freshness which they just caught from the kelong.

When the sunset. I would lay on the wooden pranks to watch the beautiful moon let the gentle sea breeze blow against me. Life seem eternal. A far cry from our hectic life back home.
As I always recalled this wonderful trips. I think this trip is a wonderful trip for us to cool down and renew our energy.
When night began to falls the fisherman would lower the fishing nets. And turn on the lights to attract the fishes into the net.

Some of us jump down from the wooden planks into the sea for a swim. But we dare not venture out too far as the current were quite strong and the sea is deep. We just swim around the wooden poles.

The best parts were the sunrise and sunset. And the fresh spicy seafood.

After these enjoyable experiences we left for our trips to Batam.

At Batam. We we do some go karting(riding on small motorised vehicles) and ride on some small self- propelled boats.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My exciting boat rides/ 128 most beautiful flickr photos

I used to be intrigued by the story of the ride of Tom Sawyer on a trip down the Mississippi River in Mark Twain's book in a raft.

If I looked back I had been playing with fire in the stream so many times and how lucky am I, not to been swept away numerous. The water level can reach two metres deep if it rain heavily.

For years I used to slept in the corridors of our homes and took dark sauces and plain rices.
I am fortunate that I am able to fulfilled my dream of see all the ironic and beautiful places of the world.

I had numerous close calls in my made shift rafts rides. Usually after raining, the man made canal would swell rapidly and the current were very swift. Numerous children had been drown in the canal located behind my flat at Mattar Rd.

Fortunately, my fast reactions usually saved the day. I am able to hold to something that kept me from swept away by the current. The current were very fast. Sometimes we latched on wooden planks and try to navigate it down the stream using a poles to steer it.

I spent hours trying to catch fishes at the long stretches of the canal.

Later I had many wonderful trips on a boat.

Recalling my fascinating trip to the Batam kelong. It could be my possibly happiest experiences. Because of the captivating sun there. I like to feature and look at flickr pictures with beautiful sun and houses near or at the sea. Because I was so captivated by the Batam kelong experience.

Normally I like to feature more of houses built in the sea of near the sea and the sun, nevertheless with his request I featured it on my blog. His photo were well taken with attractive lighting .

I enjoyed very much my trip in the Lijiang river. I got to know some wonderful friends and later had some numerous outings.

We had very memorable moments with nice steamboat and Tsingtao beer. Chitchatting with friends slowly down the river watching the spectacular scenery.

The boat ride in Holland is an interesting one. Their Heineken beer is stronger than what were sold in Singapore. After taken some I got tipsy.

Down the river we can watch the beautiful houses. It's interesting to note that they used to put a pulley at the top of the building to move and remove their heavier furniture through the windows.

The boat ride through the Florentine, Italy is somewhat the tightest, it was thrilling adventures and the boat tried to avoid crashing into the sides of the bridges. It was after the rain stop.

The bridge in the world where houses were built on the bridge

The London boat trip is quite exciting, there were rows of Parliaments houses, typical romantic European artitectures and castles.

The boat trips from Hong Kong to Guangdong were interesting , for the first time I experiences riding on a hovercraft. A vehicle that float on the water and uses cushions of air to move it forward. It was a hilarious times watching a movie promoting safe sex.

At the Chao Praya river, you can see they decorated their stilthouses with lots of flowers and some river boats, rowed toward our boat to sell us all sorts of goods.

The Colorado Cruise were very cold and windy nevertheless I enjoyed the trip.

An interesting river cruise on the Rhine River between Swiss and Germany. On the way we can see lots of beautiful castles.

A trip to the Alcatraz. From San Francisco.

My trip to Selat Panjang, an Indonesia island to court my wife is the longest boat trip I ever taken. Transit from Singapore to Batam island in 45 minutes than take another boat to it about 3 and the half hours.

When I reached there my wife sister-in-law was waiting for us for more than 45 minutes. Because of the rain our journey was delayed.

It was raining. The cool breeze is blowing against us. I always like the cool sea breeze. I used stand behind feel the water beating against me.

It was Chinese New Year and it took us 3 days to visit my future wife's relatives and friends.

On the way there we saw lots of oil drilling structures, beautiful kelongs along the way. Click here to watch this stunning kelong shot.
My pick of the most beautiful pictures of flickr.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Some important book that influence my of my life or my favourite books

Writer & photographer Sue,,
Martin Lindsey. said...

Wow Henry. You do a lot of traveling. I noticed that you have a lot of blogs too so what is your actual profession? Do you travel for just fun or is it part of your career? me how I'm able to write so many blogs. I hope I am able to answer you below:

I had read countless books, you can said any books that I thought that can change my family problems I would read it. Because of my family problems in my early days. I used to read from morning until night to find the answers to my problems. All sorts of book on different subject.

Below are some useful books that had influence my life.

The book 'The Will to Win'. I had read it again and again countless times. I was so captivated by the examples. I am determined to be a World Record holder after reading it. I might had broke some records in cycling and football juggling maybe a world record.

One P. Nurmi the greatest long distance runner, how he practiced by everyday in the morning holding on to the public transport and run with it to work, in the 20s the public transport moved quite slow. Despite of people making fun of him, he continue day in and day out. He practiced 6.5 hours per day.

This book contains the life experiences and struggles of some of the greatest Olympic Champions.

The book 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill. This book was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to research on the most successful persons at that time and the secrets of their successes. Some of the principles in the book I found were very useful like:

Like visualises the scenery of your success and what you want until it's red hot.

Find a mastermind group of people. That share the same interests towards your success. Example the sharing of ideas between Thomas Edison, the greatest inventor and Henry Ford the master of mass production.

Set and write down the goals and everyday repeat and visualise it until burning red hot even it might seem impossible.

Some of the negativity that obstructs a person success.

Some of my friends read this book and put into practice had been successful.think and grow rich

Peter Lynch one of the greatest fund manager.

The son of a mathematician. Felt that studying history is more important than maths in finding a winning stocks.

He described the factors that affected a stocks. How to categorise a stocks. Why stocks move up and down. Some famous numbers.

My favourite chapter was how he put most of the funds money into a potential bankrupt stock cyclical car production company Chrysler Corp. How he made a career out of this stock.

How to find a ten- bagger. Stocks that multiply a lot of times. I made money from the tip bagger his book: peter lynch

Through reading lots of great investors how to pick stocks. I invented my formula for picking stocks. Some of the stocks that I invested multiply a few times.

In my younger days I like to read the Adventures of Tom Sawyer it was the life adventures of Author Mark Twain. The adventures of famous five series by children author. Enid Blyton.

My life are more adventurous then some of the stories.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Overcoming great odds- Some inspiring stories

We had tendencies to give excuses of our weakness and failures, like I am too old, I don't have money to start business, I had failed a lot of times. I had these handicap or that etc.
Read some of the incredible experiences of turning all their obstacles into great successes.

You might think that you had failed lots of time.

Joe Girard, who changed 40 jobs, mostly been fired. When he was young he frequently got scolding and beating from his father. Later he found his niche as a car saleman . He able to turn this 40 failures into his futures success, with an all time record by selling 13,000 cars and become the world greatest saleman.

If you think that you are too old and no money . Take a look at this incredible story:

Bankrupt at 72 Years Old, Millionaire Again at 82!

Reported in the Sunday Times (31st October 2006) entitiled ‘ 82-year-old Comeback Kid Bounces back from Bankruptcy’.

At the age of 72 years old, Lim Tow Yong was declared a BANKRUPT. The company he founded in the 1960s, Emporium Group Holdings which he built up to a sales revenue of $300 million has been crippled by the recession of the mid-80s and severe competition. His company chalked up debts of over $100 million.

Most people at the age of 72 would either be dead or half-dead. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he picked himself up decided to START ALL OVER AGAIN at the age of 72. He began going back into the retail business by setting up joint ventures with partners in Sabah, Labuan and Brunei.

Ten years later, at the age of 82, he sold his 17 stores and supermarkets for $4.2 million making him a millionaire all over again!

Subsequently hold a feast to thanks all his employees, who stand behind him, in all those difficult years.

Reported by Straits Times. Emailed to me by Adam Khoo.

You might think you had handicap:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a polio victim. He conducted his successfully all his campaigns from a wheelchair. And lead his country through numerous crises.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My favourite cities of the world

Kaitlin Fontana of Selected my Geneva photo and asked me to comment on the best cities of the world.:: Your Geneva photo

Hi leonghimwoh,

My name is Kaitlin and I work for I'm
working on a story about a survey that ranks the world's
best cities. I'd like to use your photo of Geneva to help
add context to my story--Geneva was named the #2 city in
the world. I also invite you to comment on the story; do
you agree or disagree with the list? Let us know.

NowPublic is a news sharing community that relies on
stories, photos, & videos from people like you.

Would you be interested in sharing your work with our
members? If so, or to learn more about this request please
click the link below.

Thanks very much for your time and if you have any
questions or run into any problems please feel free to
email me.


Below are my favourite cities:
I like Ginza of Tokyo because it advance usage of technology. Lows of ladies in the doorsteps greeting you at the shopping centre.
High standard and classy place.

Zurich of Swiss. Least negativities, lots their houses are decorated with flowers. I was capitvated by the beautiful wooden houses near Lake Lucerne. the concorde. The place lots of high fashion and stylish good. The ladies dressed stylishly and like to walk their dog.
At Nice France I found some of the most beautiful spectacular views near the seas. Lots of beautiful houses and luxurious yachts.

Monte Carlo, Monaco they said there is no need any securities. Usually where the rich and famous including the hollywood celebrities had their holiday houses there. Lots of beautiful yachts. Beautiful ladies dressed in high fashion.

I like Milan beacause the skills and designs. The combinations of marbles, wood and lighting effects. The way they decorated their shophouses very classy.

Vancouver Canada. The cities shops came in various shapes and sizes each of them are very unique and the way they design their shops very stylish.

Piccadilly circus of London, in the middle of five junctions, very colourful and thriving with numerous nice chinese restarants.

San Francisco Chinatown, huge varieties of goods- electricals, herbs and delicious chinese food shops. The place is very liberal, accomodates lots of outlandish ideas.

I came across this article by, lots of beautiful cities, don't miss it:

I saw these photos about a cities in Spain I was captivated by it, I didn't go there:

This blog featured 23 best places: