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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is investing an art or a science?

I had been investing in stocks for 23 years since 1990 and had gone through numerous cycles of the market.

I agreed with Peter Lynch that investing is an art more than a science. He said if it is a science accountants will be the richest persons.

Markets were driven  by fear and greed. Had it worst stocks were driven to ridiculous level inconsistent with its fundamentals. 

I went to many AGM and EGM to talk to market players to see what is really written in the annual reports.

Fundamentally sound stock were driven ridiculously cheap to 8 cts  in 1997 crash e.g. Sincere Watch had since been taken over at $2.

Jade Tech  which is a heavily lost making stock were driven from 2 ct to around 50 cts.

I had been collecting the M'sian and S'pore market  40 years ofdata.

So if a person can master and forecast the cycle of the market, can do well in stocks. 

Warren Buffett the greatest investor said he couldn't predictshort termsmarket directions.