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Friday, September 18, 2009

Building a library near the MRT
Recently I saw in the news that they are building a library near Clementi MRT so that more people can access to it.

Reach had email me and asked me for suggestions, I had sent my suggestions about building more libraries near the MRT.

In my younger days, when I was primary 3 I used to go to the Community Club at Macpherson to borrow books to read. But only on Wednesday then the mobile library came and display the books.

Building a library near the MRT, so that poorer students can had easier and more more chances to access the libraries so that in future they can contribute to the societies.

Some years ago a MP had wrote to my wife, to ask her about community bonding. I reply on the behalf of my wife, about abuilding a 50 storey building with multi functional facilities for socialising at the MRT because the huge amount of people moving in between the MRT.

A multi functional building in progress near the Bouna Vista and One North MRT, with arts, commercial & cultural facilities, with 4 storey of basement like the Ion of Orchard Road. Both building were developed by Capitaland.

Possible it will be the place of hotbed innovations as it was near the One North, Biopolis or A-Star. It was linked to Labrador MRT which near the Labrador Park& beach.

Many people use the MRT so it make senses to build more facilities for people to exercise, acquire knowledge, display their artistic talent like busking, arts, create, innovate & music etc and give more opportunities to display their talents, for more people to access it.

Singapore largest private institutions MDIS was nearby the MRT and ACS International too was nearby so the need for state of art and special facilities for them to develop their talents are crucial.