The amazing James Cook University at Sims Drive

James Cook University Sims Drive Singapore

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Labrador Park

Recently I went to the Labrador Park, it had made great changes since years ago, when I went there. Many facilities had been added. It used to be quite backward.

With the completion of the Labrador MRT, where access will be made easier and greater and more interesting development around it, will it rival the East Coast Park? Take a look at the stunning pictures.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wow! Various persons had requested to use my photos

Click on photos:

Renown Italian artist Luisa Rabbia used in her painting.

Featured in, by Manager Kaitlin Fontana in her article - The best cities of the world survey.

Featured in architectural author Pat Hartman's blog.

In 9.72 Radio DJ ReneeYe Yong Mei's Blog.

Featured in the website

In Singapore Press Holdings websites: Stomp - Singapore Seen.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wow! Italian artist use my photo for her work

A reply from Luisa of Italy:

Hello Henry,
i will certainly inform and send you a link to the
drawing, but I am not there, yet.
I just printed the long strip which includes your photo
and I am about starting the drawing.
Do not worry, I won't forget to keep you posted.
Thanks again!


lurabbia No real name given


your photos and my drawings

Hello Leong,
congratulations for your photos!
My name is Luisa Rabbia, I am an Italian artist. I work with different media, especially with drawings and I am currently collecting images on line from Romania, Marocco and Torino. the idea is to mix those images and built a surreal landscape on which I can draw. (Why images from those three places? because the highest number of immigrants in Torino is from Morocco and Romania. The idea is to built a new landscape mixing the three different cultures together and to use it as a background for my drawings). While surfing on line I landed on your flickr web site and a couple of your images have caught my attention so I'd like to know if I could use some of them - crediting each photo with your name on the original photo in which I'll draw. I cannot attach here any pics to show you how the surreal landscape will look like, but you can check this link out:
it shows you another project I developed same way, but using old images from China (the blue trees-roots are my drawings).
I would really appreciate if you could tell me your feeling about it, since I won't use your images without your permission, but I am also very excited about starting the project!
ps the image i am interested on is at this page: