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James Cook University Sims Drive Singapore

Monday, May 27, 2013

Using my Biopolis photo without my permission


Please Don't Use My Photos On Websites , Blogs Or Other Media Without My Explicit Permission. © All rights reserved ©

See this photo clever way in copying my photo to draw viewships

This 2 websites saw my Biopolis  tops the search engine, just copied my photo and featured it in their websites, I wonder did they understand the wordings I put up, hope that they pay me for my photo which top the search engine with 11,000 views:

 © Henry Leong
Copyrighted, All Rights Reserved


I am using this website to track those websites that use my photos without my permission

One person very smart he copied my photo to his website to use it to attract traffic, when I called him he claim ignorance and said sorry, later very fast he took down my photo and put up his own photo which is the similar location I took the place, he already taken the photo of the same location, because my photo top the search engine, he it put up my photo to attract audience to his company website.