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Friday, October 5, 2018

An interesting meeting with the Lianhe Wanbao reporter and the photographer与联合万宝记者和摄影师的有趣会面

Last Tuesday, I finally met up with a Chinese reporter after 33 years. Where 33 ago I had  my first interviewed in the medias at 1985 by Straits Times Janice Seah, where most of my interviews were conducted  in the English with medias, with the Chinese Lianhe Wanbao reporter this is the first time, which I shared my story. We spoken mostly in Mandarin. She asked me numerous questions about my story, it was quite a long interview lasting around an hour.

It is interesting to note that I was supposed to be interviewed or broadcasted by channel 8 which never materialised in 1986, where I and my friends went down to meet the channel 8 producer at the then  Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (presently Mediacorp), last minute it was switched to the English channel 5, my feats were filmed in 4 different locations in 2 days, at East Coast Park which lined with linear metal poles, Singapore National Stadium, Woodsville Secondary School Football field and Sims Drive children playground

If it was broadcasted  in Ch 8 of my skills in free style football juggling feat and amazing bicycle stunts, I had often wondered will my destiny was different if it was broadcasted in Channel 8, the 8 pm varieties show rather then Sunday morning 10.30 am where many were sleeping?

The Lianhe Wanbao reporter and the camera man interviewed me in a variety of topic one hour at 5 pm in different locations and the photographer took lots of pictures. 

My amazing story was translated by google:

上周二,我终于在33年后遇到了一位中国记者。 33年前,我第一次接受海峡时报Janice Seah在1985年的媒体采访,我的大部分采访都是用英语和媒体进行的,中国联合万宝记者这是我第一次分享我的故事。我们大多用普通话说。她问了我很多关于我的故事的问题,这是一个长达一个小时的漫长采访。



lianhe wanbao 联合晚