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Friday, June 1, 2007

The elements of success

To be successful in all aspects of our life we need to have a good mentor in life.

Happiness is not about acquiring more of this or more that, is about improving the quality of our life. Frequently over attachment to wealth and status are the causes of unhappiness and sufferings.

Those who failed usually blames other and giving excuses.

To be able to bounce back from defeat.
How many persons able to bounces back from defeats in life like Joe Girard, he said that he had changed jobs for 40 times, mostly been fired. Later he found his niche and become the greatest car salesman.

Thomas Edison never felt that he was defeated 10,000 times which he eventually invent the light bulbs. He felt that he had learned 10,000 new ways.

Reading biographies of great persons, can gave us lots of insights on how to success.

Find a groups of friends that when you are down can encourage you. Friends can make or break you. Choosing the wrong friends can break you. We need to be proactive. One successful friend told me that everyday he got to talk to 3 strangers. The more friends you have the more likely that you success.

Thomas Edison always discuss with Henry Ford, which they inspired each other.

Having faith and confident to overcome whenever problems in your life. In 1997 financial crisis, I was in financial crisis as lots of people are also in financial crisis. One person discouraged me from buying a house said that I don't have the money to buy.

But I am able to buy a house with little down and slowly bounced back

We need to be persistence. Usually the causes of failures are lack of persistence and setting specific goals in our life.

Some people had discouraged me from having a second baby.
After failing numerous tries I didn't give up, 4.5 years later I am able to have a second baby which brought me great happiness.

In the financial crisis. Trump was down $900 millions, some of his friends committed suicides, yet he bounced back with $3 billions assets. He said he track and read whenever financial news or reports he can everyday and slept 4 hours only per day and enjoying his work

Read great books. Great book plant good seeds. A friend of mind places some of his best books that inspired him beside his bed, so before he went to sleep he would read it. Even when he was asleep his mind is planning? From been a down and out, which frequently he called and visited me for encouragements, later he able to own a few properties.

The final part of our life that determine, whether we live a life of complete fulfillment.

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