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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My exciting boat rides/ 128 most beautiful flickr photos

I used to be intrigued by the story of the ride of Tom Sawyer on a trip down the Mississippi River in Mark Twain's book in a raft.

If I looked back I had been playing with fire in the stream so many times and how lucky am I, not to been swept away numerous. The water level can reach two metres deep if it rain heavily.

For years I used to slept in the corridors of our homes and took dark sauces and plain rices.
I am fortunate that I am able to fulfilled my dream of see all the ironic and beautiful places of the world.

I had numerous close calls in my made shift rafts rides. Usually after raining, the man made canal would swell rapidly and the current were very swift. Numerous children had been drown in the canal located behind my flat at Mattar Rd.

Fortunately, my fast reactions usually saved the day. I am able to hold to something that kept me from swept away by the current. The current were very fast. Sometimes we latched on wooden planks and try to navigate it down the stream using a poles to steer it.

I spent hours trying to catch fishes at the long stretches of the canal.

Later I had many wonderful trips on a boat.

Recalling my fascinating trip to the Batam kelong. It could be my possibly happiest experiences. Because of the captivating sun there. I like to feature and look at flickr pictures with beautiful sun and houses near or at the sea. Because I was so captivated by the Batam kelong experience.

Normally I like to feature more of houses built in the sea of near the sea and the sun, nevertheless with his request I featured it on my blog. His photo were well taken with attractive lighting .

I enjoyed very much my trip in the Lijiang river. I got to know some wonderful friends and later had some numerous outings.

We had very memorable moments with nice steamboat and Tsingtao beer. Chitchatting with friends slowly down the river watching the spectacular scenery.

The boat ride in Holland is an interesting one. Their Heineken beer is stronger than what were sold in Singapore. After taken some I got tipsy.

Down the river we can watch the beautiful houses. It's interesting to note that they used to put a pulley at the top of the building to move and remove their heavier furniture through the windows.

The boat ride through the Florentine, Italy is somewhat the tightest, it was thrilling adventures and the boat tried to avoid crashing into the sides of the bridges. It was after the rain stop.

The bridge in the world where houses were built on the bridge

The London boat trip is quite exciting, there were rows of Parliaments houses, typical romantic European artitectures and castles.

The boat trips from Hong Kong to Guangdong were interesting , for the first time I experiences riding on a hovercraft. A vehicle that float on the water and uses cushions of air to move it forward. It was a hilarious times watching a movie promoting safe sex.

At the Chao Praya river, you can see they decorated their stilthouses with lots of flowers and some river boats, rowed toward our boat to sell us all sorts of goods.

The Colorado Cruise were very cold and windy nevertheless I enjoyed the trip.

An interesting river cruise on the Rhine River between Swiss and Germany. On the way we can see lots of beautiful castles.

A trip to the Alcatraz. From San Francisco.

My trip to Selat Panjang, an Indonesia island to court my wife is the longest boat trip I ever taken. Transit from Singapore to Batam island in 45 minutes than take another boat to it about 3 and the half hours.

When I reached there my wife sister-in-law was waiting for us for more than 45 minutes. Because of the rain our journey was delayed.

It was raining. The cool breeze is blowing against us. I always like the cool sea breeze. I used stand behind feel the water beating against me.

It was Chinese New Year and it took us 3 days to visit my future wife's relatives and friends.

On the way there we saw lots of oil drilling structures, beautiful kelongs along the way. Click here to watch this stunning kelong shot.
My pick of the most beautiful pictures of flickr.