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Sunday, February 25, 2007

How to grow beautiful flowers and plants

After trying to grow beautiful flowers for numerous years, end in dismay. Finally I found the secrets of growing beautiful flowers after taking a practical course, it really help.

The soil need to loosen regularly to allow air into the roots, & for it to adsorb nutrients easily, so the root can expand can grow faster.

Unwanted leaves needed to be pruned regularly, to allow new and more beautiful leaves and flower to grow.

Every month fertilizer need to be added. If your plants has more greenery asked for plant fertilizer, if more flower ask for flower fertilizer.

If you want to automate it. Put earthworm on it, for them to automatically loosen the soil.

If you want your flower to be beautiful and grow faster, water it a few more times a day.

Use good loam soil which is the important part, which is not too sandy or too much clay and for it to hold water well to keep the root moist.

Friday, February 16, 2007

How to cook the best steamboat and chicken rice

Some of Singapore favorite food are chicken rice and steamboat.

I believe the best steamboat should be cook in claypot using charcoal. And tip into the fried shallots oil with soya sauce. Now a days because of convenience it is usually cook by gas and metal utensils.

The soup will be the tastiest, if you don't mind spending some time.

My mother had been cooking for 50 years, she use to cook very tasty soup for us.

My all time favourite dish is fresh chicken cook by my mother. Usually at the Chinese New Year she will prepare my favourite food- chicken dump sticks(a bit raw).

An old chicken seller, teach my mother to cook the best chicken rice it need to a bit of raw. So that when you eat it, it is very smooth.

Combined with the fried shallot oil, with light soya sauce and sliced spring onions, putting the three together in bowl.

To cook the sliced shallots to perfection. Burn the wok hot. Then put the oil in, throw in the sliced onion. Cook until it is yellow, stop the fire, should not be brown. Because later it will turn darker and not so tasty.

This combination of near raw chicken and fried shallot oils, will bring unforgettable experience.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Henry Leong's photo galleries

Our children


At a live seafood restaurant near the sea, Batam

At the Batam kelong, watching the wonderful sights of rising morning sun and sunset.

In some Chinese New Years I spent my holidays with my relatives in their house in Batam. The pace of life there is relaxing, not so fast as Singapore, their seafood is fantastic and inexpensive.

Among all curry I like Indonesia curry, the best because of it natural taste

At an Indonesia curry restaurant
My relatives drove my whole family to different restaurants in Batam.

The 88 restaurant have rows and rows of inexpensive seafood stalls. There were TVs with large screens around showing football shows.

There were lions dances and a lots of firecrackers were let off, reminiscence of the early 60s days in Singapore were firecrackers were allowed.

I tasted a few countries spicy sotong(squid) I like Indonesia the best.

In a different trip, the kelong at Batam, Indonesia which were organised by People Association for singles. I think these program that I joined, were among the happiest & the most memorable.

Indonesia had ten thousands islands, which some are very interesting to explore.

In the morning when I woke up to watched the beautiful sun rise and set, what an enchanting sight. Late into the night can watch the beautiful moon. I because of little air pollutions which made the atmosphere so wonderful.

Karaoke were provided. Sing your heart to content. Because the kelong now caught less fishes, so they were converted to tourist attractions. We can view the fisherman pulled up the nets with their daily catch from the kelong.

Fresh spicy seafood were provided for our meals, were some of the tastiest because of the freshness.

30 of my wife family members went to take photos in a photos studio, when I visited her at
Selat Panjang, an Indonesia Island.

It was first time for the the photo studio had to take pictures for such a large family. Subsequently my mother- in- law had eight more grandchildren .

Photo at my mother in law house at Selat Panjang four hours journey by boat from Singapore

To reach there it needed at least 3 and the half hour by boat. First we got to stopover at Batam.

It was an exciting journey. At the island their pastimes are riding a motorbike round and round the island at night.

I was curious that in the morning they let their chicken out of their houses to roam around. At night the chicken know how to find their way back home.

One of my most romantic moment was to hired a trishaw (tricycle) to ride, around the island with my future wife.

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