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Friday, May 18, 2007

The captivating kelong experiences
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At the Batam kelong, watching the wonderful sights of rising morning sun and sunset.

In the kelong at Batam, Indonesia which were organised by People Association with the corroboration with the tour agency for singles. I think this program that I joined, were among the happiest & the most memorable. About 20 of us.

Indonesia had ten thousands islands, which some are very interesting to explore.It had many beautiful undesea coral reefs. Numerous expeditions trying to find the sunken treasures around were made around he island. And we can see numerous oil rigs around.

In the morning when I woke up to watched the beautiful sunrise and at night sunset, what an enchanting sight. I used to lay on the wooden planks as the cool gentle sea breeze brow again me. Some of throw their lines down, trying to catch some fishes.

Karaoke were provided. We would took turn to sing to our heart content. Because the kelong now caught less fish, so they were converted to tourist attractions. We can view the fisherman pulled up the nets with their daily catch from the kelong. And then prepare some of the catches for our meals.

We also organised to played some games together.

One of the most attractive part of the journey fresh spicy seafood were provided for our meals, were some of the tastiest I ever tasted because of the freshness which they just caught from the kelong.

When the sunset. I would lay on the wooden pranks to watch the beautiful moon let the gentle sea breeze blow against me. Life seem eternal. A far cry from our hectic life back home.
As I always recalled this wonderful trips. I think this trip is a wonderful trip for us to cool down and renew our energy.
When night began to falls the fisherman would lower the fishing nets. And turn on the lights to attract the fishes into the net.

Some of us jump down from the wooden planks into the sea for a swim. But we dare not venture out too far as the current were quite strong and the sea is deep. We just swim around the wooden poles.

The best parts were the sunrise and sunset. And the fresh spicy seafood.

After these enjoyable experiences we left for our trips to Batam.

At Batam. We we do some go karting(riding on small motorised vehicles) and ride on some small self- propelled boats.

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