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Monday, May 28, 2007

Bloggers' meetup at Batam Kelong

I imagine if we hold a bloggers meetup at a kelong, it will be more challenging. Imagine the challenge of the preparations, the planning & the logistics.

I can't say we won't hold a gathering at the kelong. When I first perform in the National Day Parade, it was not so elaborate.

Now it is more complicate, high tech & took more months to prepare. More items were featured.

More creative juices will flow because the challenge to go to the place in the middle of the sea.
It will be a challenge to connect to the rest who can't go.(live coverage?)
How to effectively use the technology at the remote area to connect to the rest.
On the flip side, can watch the beautiful sun and the natural surronding , nice foods & karaoke, more and longer interaction time, possibly more innovations were made after that. It is likely to be a unforgetable experience.

Any interesting suggestions?
BlogOut panoramaPhoto by Kevin Lim


DK said...

Most prob you won't get any internet connection. Be glad that you have mobile phone network connection.

But its a cool idea to have a blogger gathering at a kelong. Far away from internet. Can see who die from internet withdrawal syndrome first. :P

Henry Leong said...

Yes DK, what a long long time repled?