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Saturday, June 30, 2007

My innovations and inventions

As you know I had juggled a football in various pattern using all parts of my body a few thousands times except my hands.

To juggle a football with the heels is very difficult and I was able to do it in different patterns , together with various other patterns a few thousands times, some of my ball juggling feats were featured in the TV (Singapore Broadcasting Corporation)Mediacorp and reported in the newspaper Straits Times. It was verified in writing by the executive producer of the TV program


The secrets to these amazing feats is that, to overcome this problem, I creatively invented a method, to attached 3 specially designed elastic strings to the football and fixed it to some fixtures at the wall, when I kicked it, it always bounced back to the positions, this invention had help me to master the difficult juggling feats using the heels and other difficult football tricks. So this invention made training with the heels much easier and other difficult acts.

It's important to start early and get the best methods to short-cut your learning curve.

This way built up endurance and skills faster as you kick the ball more times, without kept picking it up. These invention is good for building up the skill levels.

These systems invented by me enabled me to be able to juggle a standard football 3,400 times , with different parts of my body except my hands, in various patterns non- stop, without the dropping ball even once. It is especially important in juggle the football, especially so by using the heels. Which is the most difficult part.

I might had broken some categories of world records. More verifications in

Hope I can get the answer some days. On the day of the feat in1986, during the changing of school sessions. In front of hundreds of Woodsvilles Secondary School students.

As I also had rode a bike without using my both hands and one legs, it means it using only one leg and it riding together with other cyclists riding up and down the track, at one go in 12 km of track, non-stop in about 45 minutes.

The secret of these amazing feats is that I had perfected a process of setting and lubricate the wheels accurate with a special lubricant, which allow me to use the least effort to ride and navigate the bike in the track with little effort.

These process let me navigating and cycling long distances using only one leg and handfree with an inexpensive bicycle.

Some of his amazing bike stunts (Click to
View Slideshow) were featured in the TV and reported in newspaper.


I hope that as more people understand, how to use the bike most efficiency , more people will use the bike as their mode of transport, because of today high oil price, it is also good for the health and the environment.

When working in Singapore Press Holdings , I discovered a way to clear the stains (chemicals & printing ink) on the cover and inside the printing machines . As these stains were there for a lots of years, which were impossible to remove at that time using normal chemical.

This feat attracted a Japanese teacher and his student came down to the pressroom to take a look.

As since young, I was tinkering with my bike, and work more than ten years in two major industrial corporations.

I had to wake up early in the morning to send my mother and the full load of food to the hawker stall, some distance from my home in a tricycle everyday, before I ride my bike which I put on the tricycle to school. So the desire to find the most efficient ways to ride the tricycle with the least effort were always there.


As the ball-bearings, the real causes were the grease which accumulated lots of foreign particles that stick to it and caused misalignment of the wheels moving parts, because the denseness of the grease when dry, it will hardened, together with the foreign particles which stick to it.

A special chemical needs to apply and neutralise all the foreign particles, rust and chemicals that stick to it, which retard the smooth movement. These special lubricants had the quality to neutralise all the negative effects.

These special lubricants, which is aerosol based can easily penetrate and leave a thin film on the moving parts, which made movement much easier. Understand the principle and consistently do it is important. I had taught what I discovered to the mechanics of Toyota in an indirect way.

When the machine having problems most mechanics usually, thought of using grease to solve the problems, in fact more foreign substances will stick to it as a result because of the properties of the grease that let foreign particles stick on it.

As these special lubricants were applied, a thin film deposited on it and covered the surface of the ball-bearings, and with the accurate resetting of the wheels, with the using of special electronic devices, making the machines run like a new one , these simple but brilliant ideas, made hordes car owners to come back for more.

They will felt that their car perform much better after that.

Through continue experimenting and finding the right chemicals to clear irremovable stains, I finally found a concoction of chemicals, that able to remove most of the stains.

As after I had removed the ink stained on the printing machine to the surprise of everyone as the machine looked almost as new.

These had caught the attention of a Japanese teacher and he was so impressed, he brought his whole class of students to compared the machines which had the stains removed and the one which had not removed. Imagine the surprise the stains that had been there for a lots of years suddenly were removed.

He had observed numerous people setting the printing rollers. As setting the printing rollers determine the outcome of the printing job.

Some used metal feelers(can potentially damage the rollers), some use plastics (when set very tight won't break) etc. and most of them use two hands to set both sides ( one hand is usually less skillful).


I used only my right hand , which is more skillful , to set both sides of the printing rollers - as both sides of the rollers the pressure need to be equally distributed. If set too tight, not enough inks and water reach the printing plate. Too loose too much water and ink reach the printing plates, which cause a washout look.

If the roller settings were unbalanced, the outcome of the images were not look good either.

Advertisers usually called when they found on the day, the conditions of the printing jobs look great.

I used a special form of paper which was highly accurate in setting the pressure of the rollers. If the roller set too tight it will break, if set too loose it will be easily pulled out. Though a lots of practice both sides will be setted consistently to the optimum level.

So after months of perfecting my skills pulling out the special form of paper with only my right hands from both sides of the printing rollers, the end product came out perfectly.

Because I had been repairing, setting the wheels and riding the bicycle, since I was a few years old, I got a head start.


Having understand the real causes of misalignment of the ball bearings mechanism is crucial. Since young I realised that applying special lubricants can made a vast difference to the smooth running of his bike.

And also using some special devices (small round wrench) to set the wheels(tension of the rim) back accurately and the nuts near the ball-bearings need to be skillfully adjusted.

More extraordinary bicycle feats photos:

Tips on how to improve your bicycle performance click here

After he transferred he skill and knowledge which he took years to hone it, to the top car maker company Toyota.The company made tremendous progress.

To have an edge , a car company need the ability to have a better teams of mechanics, that able to maintain and repair the car better.

As a better maintained car run much better on the road, save cost & environment friendly and host of other benefits etc.

The car company BodycareCentre used to not having many customers

After that transferred of skills/knowledge, long lines of customers lines up to have their cars repaired & serviced. Because the car owners sense lots of differences. It took lots of years to understand these important process.

Once all the mechanics realised it and implement these processes consistently to all the moving parts, the differences were easily be felt by the drivers, when they came to collect their cars. The surprise breakthroughs, brought phenomenal growth of the company.

Many staff from the car company Toyota, from all over the world, come to the Bodycare Centre at Leng Kee Road , to study the methodologies which transformed a company, with mediocre performance, which lost to Nissan in profits, to overtook Nissan and double it's profit.

So knowing how well to maintain a vehicle can make a lot of difference to the company bottom line. These simple ideas of changing the mindsets of the mechanics of the company , made a great impact to the company bottom line.

Some interesting innovations/embedded technology in prop making, tips on how to enhance the special visual effects of the props/crafts, click on this link for more details.

Due to my contribution to the company, almost everyday for a few years, a senior lady Toyota brought and cook breakfast for me, free of charge.

Could this be a major breakthrough in industrial production? Any comments?


Simple yet cost effective process on how to optimize the performances of your electronic equipments click: View Blog

Interview with media

(Photo taken at Singapore Press Holdings, National Technical Course II, graduate class certificates receiving ceremony) There were lots of ovations when I went up the stage to collect my certificate.

My cycling feat top the search engine

I went to search the search engine to search (the most difficult cycling feat) ,
I was surprised my cycling feat top the search engine. I think Singapore will be proud of it. I might had created some history.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

The secrets of staying healthy and fit

My formula for staying healthy is to take lots of vegetables, fruits and walk long hours.

I was born sickly and asthmatic and gave lots of problems to my parents. So staying healthy is very important to me.

Fitness Guru Jack Lalanne at 89 still wake up early in the morning at 5 to exercises two hour.

I used to spend hours and hours riding a bike at East Coast Park. In the morning I used to see people exercise regularly there.

I used to swim hours regularly in my younger days. Swimming involved the whole body and it is a good way to de-stress.

Yan can cook mother told him you can eat anything, but take lots of vegetables.

I once rented a place from an old man who was 77 years old, healthy and actives. Who regularly took bananas. He said eating bananas will make pass motion easier.

To stay healthy you need to do exercises consistently. Give yourself time to built up your endurance and stamina. Do not rush. Do not suddenly exercise vigorous then later stop for a long time.

Regular exercise is an insurance.

The Japanese have the most seniors citizens the secrets lies in the green tea, they drinks.
Green tea have the properties of removing those harmful substances from our body.

I doesn't like to get sick and I rarely get sick. As you know get sick is no joke. Even a toothache could cause you lots of pain.

I observed that the Chinese in the morning went to exercise carries a bottle of Chinese tea. I think Chinese tea is good because it clear away all those harmful materials in our body. Lot of them are quite old. I think their formula of been old and healthy is to drink Chinese tea regularly.

You can see many chinese top leaders in their eighties.

Japan have the oldest population, I think is the green tea they took.

I choose walking because it is easy to accomplish, I combine my interest in look at shops to exercises. Once when I was in San Francisco. I explore the Chinatown with an elderly couples. At seven o'clock pm they want to call it a day. So I miss the chance of seeing more things.

I prefer the walk as much on my own the explore the cities, I may not be able to come back to see the place again. So I need to see the place as much as I can.

Many might not had the discipline to do a vigorous workout. I recommend start your walking programs. You might later slowly build up to longer distances.

My routines consists of 3 day a week. of walking around the cities areas and shopping. I don't felt much difficulties. By walking around see new things time past very fast and make me feel happy.

Tips on getting the most out of your travels

I prefers to travel with tour groups because they took care of the logistics and admin. The got discount of air tickets, hotels and foods.

If I want to stay longer in one place I would venture on my own at night after the end of the day itineraries.

In Japan I walk a record of 6.5 hours non-stop in Tokyo on my own. Unfortunately my roll of films were not properly put in the camera, so all the 36 photos which I took were spoilt.

After 6.5 of walking throughout Tokyo I got lost. When I asked for directions of my hotels, a kind person drove me back to the hotel.

At the China tour I prefer to stay extra days in Hong Kong and asked for our tour ticket to go back on our own. Fortunately it turn out to be a right move.

The extra day at Hong Kong I walk the cities until after midnight. There foods at the alley were very tasty my best indulgence were the beef soups, tipping some chillies oil inside the soup.

A member of the tour group ask his relative to bring us around Guangzhou to eat among the best tim sum. Even at midnight it was overflow with customers. The place never sleep even at midnight it were bustling with activities.

Even at midnight the Hong Kong MRT were fully loaded.

Cool countries need to prepare for windbreaker, gloves and thick clothing when you go there in winter etc.
You join the tour half way, in my europe tour a couple join us at the beginning later, they break off to the places they and and join later part when we are going back.

In Thailand when I touch down at might I when around the cities for few before I went back to sleep and wake up in the morning.

The best part is after hours of walking. Went back to the hotel turn on the long bathtub warm water. Submerge in it for half an hour to ease my fatigue.

Give generous tips, when you ask the tour manager to bring you to some unusual or interesting places, which is not in the tour itineraries.
You can hire a three wheeler taxi relatively inexpensive in Thailand to tour the city at midnight.

I took the tastiest fried rice at a Bangkok seafood restaurant. At S$8 with their homegrown prawns and very sweet orange juices. Some belts and silk goods is worth buying.

Hong Kong at night(photo). Hong Kong mass rapid transit even at midnight it were overflow with travellers. Hong Kong never sleep.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Live miracle human electric conductor

Miracle man demonstrated his body ability to conduct electricity, holding two life wire, with current moving through his body lighting a light bulb. Photo taken at Guangzhou, China.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The values I want my children to have

Every parents hope that their children, grow up happy and successful. Numerous successful individuals attribute, their success to their parents.

Of course I hope my kids to grow up to be happy individuals and able to contribute to the society.

I will not pressure them to get a degree at all cost. Some of them might be are late developers. Some parents over pressured their kids to get a certificate in the end if might harm their kids more.

I hope to develop my kids curosity and interest in learning.

If they are good in skills they can get into the ITE first.

Robert Kiyosaki said most schools don't teach financial literacy. His real father is well educated asked him to learn about investments from his another adopted dad, which had only primary school education. Yet is a successful entrepreneur. His highly educated dad end up in debt after working very hard all his life in the government institutions.

I would like to teach my children about investment. It take a long time to understand the market cycle.

If my children master the skills of investment early. He can make money to finance his various other interests. He will enjoy his journey, rather then seek instant gratifications.

Adam Khoo's father who is an entrepreneur, who didn't give his son lots of money in his youth. So Adam got to look for ways to earn money between his classes. Through his early experiences starting young in his own business early, he got a head start.

Some of the most successful footballer their fathers are footballers. Fandi Ahmad with ITE education earn lots of money but through numerous failed ventures in his business fell into debt. Maradona went into drugs.

I think children in their young should learn more about how to invest in good companies.

South Korea had associations forms, on how not to pass too much money to their children after of some of the rich kids got into troubles.

I will want my children to mix around with lots of people. So when they grown up they able to handle human relationships better and able to choose the right spouses.

Napolean Hill said in his book our worth is our abilities to induce the cooperations of others.

If kids learn to handle and adjusts with their relations in their early years there will be less wars later. Children are important parts of our future.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ideas to attract lots of tourists

Singapore plans to increases it populations to 6.5 millions and 17 millions tourists. Imagine the impact on the environment- the pollutions, the congestions & the loss of man hours during the jams.

The need to divert some daytime traffics to the night is critical. My idea to have more night tours to cater for the tourists like having cycling tours on their own or through groups like trishaws etc.

More ideas were needed on how to divert some of the daytime activities to the night and reduce the imparts on the environment. Awards to be given for the best ideas. More studies of overseas cities night scenes to find out whatare the activities that people were interested during the night.

Hotels might be encourage to rent out bicycles. A deposit is collect when renting out the bike. When I was in the Hong Kong hotel a deposit was needed and refund me when I leave . GPS to track the bicycles if they got lost they way. Some they can see more of Singapore.

Night cycling is less risky because of much less traffic. Singapore plans to host the F1 at night why not more or other activities?.

To get the most value from my tour I usually walk a few hours on my own, during the free and easy days. In Tokyo I walked a record of 6 hours to see the city, even that I felt no enough and after that I lost me way. If I can rent a bicycle I could had covered more and see more of the city.

More shops, offices and industrial to operate at night? More interesting activities to cater to the night shift workers and tourists. When I was in Hong Kong even at midnight the MRT were fully packed.

Usually my ideas come at the wee hours of the morning between sleeping and waking up then I start to blog my ideas in case I forgot it.

Earlier I wrote a post about a my friend mine, putting the inspiring books beside his bed and read it when he was going to sleep. While he was asleep his brain is dreaming of some ideas, came from this inspiration.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The secrets of why companies success

There are many ways the companies can success,but not many can last long.

Companies like Walmart success by been the cheapest among his competitors. He would advertises some products that are cheapest prices in his stores to attract hordes of bargain hunters from far away.

He use helicopters to scout for the busiest locations to set up his shops.

Thomas Edison companies General Electric success by been innovative and coming up with new innovations regularly. His company still survive long after his dead.

Apples MP3 sell more than Creative it's not that their products are superior to Creative, but because they had better marketing and packaging ideas(The fact that Apple need to pay Creative $100 millions for the Copyright).

Some of their ideas are rejuvenated old ideas, Japanese had been using earlier.

Warren Buffret buy companies that even recession people need to use like Gillette. Every day millions of men need to shave.

He also like to buy companies like Coke, millions and millions of people drink it everyday.

He said that you only need to have a few good ideas to be successful in your lifetime. As most companies don't success.

Not surprising the world oldest company:
is in the buildings and constructions trade where everybody need a roof over their head rain or shine.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Encouraging advice by Steve Jobs

Too often we are so worried about the risk and failure, that stop us bringing out our potentials, here so encouraging advice by Steve Jobs:

Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

[Describes his personal encounter with cancer]

... This was the closest I've been to facing death, and I hope its the closest I get for a few more decades. Having lived through it, I can now say this to you with a bit more certainty than when death was a useful but purely intellectual concept:

No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life's change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Exciting times at People Associations

I had many interesting and memorable times at the PA.

They used to organise a wide varieties of interesting activities for singles each month. I always look forward for the new Channel Magazine they sent me each month, which listed almost all the interesting activities all over Singapore to stay connected.

You name it they had it. Whether you want to go travelling, discos, camping, karaoke, tea dance, cooking, ice skating, learn some new things & dancing classes they have it. We are able to join the community clubs in different parts of Singapore.

Some of my most memorable and happiest activities were my two days trip to the Batam kelong.The sunrise, sunset, the moon in the middle of the open sea, spicy fresh sea foods made one of my most memorable trip.

Usually the dancing classes were fully booked. No wonder the ladies are such good dancers. On one occasion when I received the channel, straight away I sent my check to PA for the intermediate class, it was rejected because it was already fully booked. It was so popular it was fully booked even before it was open to the public.

Every Saturday there was usually a disco program at a hotel in Orchard Road at a favorable price for PA to practice our steps. Sometimes I went down. At one instances, when I invited a lady to dance.

Wow! That was a fantastic experience of my life, the lady dancer was better than me in dancing. You might thought as a man I had no problem in throwing her around, but the opposite was true. She would throw me round and round, we were dancing one hour plus non-stop, my whole body were sweating so profusely.

My shirt was wet with my sweat, the edge were coming out, some parts where torn, trying to catch up with her and the disco tempo were so fast I couldn't even had the time to think of my next step. She kept throwing me, I kept following.

It was one of the most vigorous activities of my life. The encounter with the lady dancer was so dramatic and hectic. I was frequently grasping for air, lost a shirt button, but fortunately not my pants.

When I reach home after some time my whole body and bones were aching from the unexpected workout.

Some of the more interesting activities was an outing at the Pasir Ris resorts. It was an overnight affair. We would chit-chat with the ladies till the wee hours and adjourned to the nearby beach at Changi to continue our conversations watching the beautiful sea.

There were a combination of karaoke, disco and swimming at the resort. The sound system were blasting out songs near the swimming pool. With whole loads of fun and activities.

At one outing in St John islands, we got to build the camps ourselves, and participated in lots of games.

Unfortunately PA cut us off when we were married. I think we should be continue to be able to participate, because there is such a wide varieties of activities for us to choose which they were able to put together in a single magazine for us to choose to enjoy and socialise.

Because PA had such a huge contact with lots of organisations, so organising lots of different activities is not a problem.

It's difficult to find in other areas. Not all them went there to look for partners, they joined it because some of their activities are interesting to them. I felt that some ladies came here more were interested in the activities than finding a partner.

The People Association put together such wide varieties of activities it like, at least one or two programs, that are interesting and to learn something each month.

If at that time blogging were invented, it will be more interesting, after the activities we still be able to stay connected and know more about each other better through blogging.

Friday, June 1, 2007

The elements of success

To be successful in all aspects of our life we need to have a good mentor in life.

Happiness is not about acquiring more of this or more that, is about improving the quality of our life. Frequently over attachment to wealth and status are the causes of unhappiness and sufferings.

Those who failed usually blames other and giving excuses.

To be able to bounce back from defeat.
How many persons able to bounces back from defeats in life like Joe Girard, he said that he had changed jobs for 40 times, mostly been fired. Later he found his niche and become the greatest car salesman.

Thomas Edison never felt that he was defeated 10,000 times which he eventually invent the light bulbs. He felt that he had learned 10,000 new ways.

Reading biographies of great persons, can gave us lots of insights on how to success.

Find a groups of friends that when you are down can encourage you. Friends can make or break you. Choosing the wrong friends can break you. We need to be proactive. One successful friend told me that everyday he got to talk to 3 strangers. The more friends you have the more likely that you success.

Thomas Edison always discuss with Henry Ford, which they inspired each other.

Having faith and confident to overcome whenever problems in your life. In 1997 financial crisis, I was in financial crisis as lots of people are also in financial crisis. One person discouraged me from buying a house said that I don't have the money to buy.

But I am able to buy a house with little down and slowly bounced back

We need to be persistence. Usually the causes of failures are lack of persistence and setting specific goals in our life.

Some people had discouraged me from having a second baby.
After failing numerous tries I didn't give up, 4.5 years later I am able to have a second baby which brought me great happiness.

In the financial crisis. Trump was down $900 millions, some of his friends committed suicides, yet he bounced back with $3 billions assets. He said he track and read whenever financial news or reports he can everyday and slept 4 hours only per day and enjoying his work

Read great books. Great book plant good seeds. A friend of mind places some of his best books that inspired him beside his bed, so before he went to sleep he would read it. Even when he was asleep his mind is planning? From been a down and out, which frequently he called and visited me for encouragements, later he able to own a few properties.

The final part of our life that determine, whether we live a life of complete fulfillment.