The amazing James Cook University at Sims Drive

James Cook University Sims Drive Singapore

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My most controversial photo - The Esplanade

My photo The Esplanade I felt surprised by the supports and the numerous awards from the groups it received, most groups or invitations pools that I sent to, give more than 3 awards/ comments on it or awarded it more than 7 awards in each group, I guess this is art.

I saw some of the lights refracted to a distance,which seem like blur, I went down to the same place to try to figure it out, what is it due to what.

I saw with my naked eyes that the lights were same as what I had taken by my camera, which created an illusion, which lights were projected out to a distance from the distance I saw it.

Take a look or maybe go to the Esplanade and take a look?

The Espanade Theatres on the Bay

Controversial discussions on my photo:

Friday, January 18, 2008

Deeply honoured to be able to contribute to the Chingay Festivals

Reflecting my numerous years of doing props for the Chingay Parade. I am very honoured & happy to be able to contribute my part to the Chingay Festivals altogether 5. And happy that I am able to put and exercise my years of technical training & skills in making the props for the country.

In 1997 first time foreign countries groups were invited to perform, where the musical instrument props at that returned in quite a bad shapes from the preview, I got tremendous challenge rushing from morning until night to repair and perfect, which later displayed in the temple for months. It is very tough trying to repair and redo the props in just one day, but my years of rigorous technical training at Singapore Press Holdings help to accomplish such a difficult task.

Hope to share my Chingay 08 Crab props creations experiences , I think it is the possibly the most challenging and difficult props in Chingay(20 )sets, with it ten hands and legs twisting and turning and parts to be considered.

I hope that the 08 Chingay, to be the most successful ever, it will be a milestone since 97 where foreign groups were asked to participate for the first time. This time it is to be broadcast to many countries.

This year is a big challenge for the props, most of them (prop group members) felt the strains, trying to do the crabs props because of so many parts to be assembled together, most probably think they were the most difficult props ever done so far.

After trying to spray-painting , smoothen doing the finishing on the rough parts of the 20 sets of crabs my whole body ached for a few days. I hope that my creations can inspire the kids.