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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Overcoming numerous obstacles going to Tozan

I had decided to go to Tozan to pray to the Dai Gohonzon. I went there at 1990, next year the high priest stopped the soka members from going to Tozan.

I was fortunate to be able to go to Tozan, 2 weeks before the departure date, the tour agent said the tour package to be increase $400, I want to stop going, luckily a co worker, lent me money to go.

When we reached there we need to register in NSIC first before we can go to Tozan.  Half way back to the hotel. They found out they didn't registered my name, if not I can't enter, so the got to go back
a few hours journey to register my name.

The area were amazing some of the gohonzon we seen were gold plated. The temples there were many accessories around and all the successive high priests name were each in a tablet beside the butsudan.

Around 5K members went to pray to the Dai Gohonzon at the then Head Temple.

                                                          At head temple

After the ceremony, we all stayed together in the huts provided for us for the mid night gongyo at the Grand Reception hall.
The lodging that many members from all over the world stayed overnight during moving to the Grand Reception Hall for the midnight gongyo

Later at night we walked a distance to the Grand Reception Hall, a priest was leading the chanting.

It don't seem rhythmic, the high priest signaled him to stop, he took over and conduct the midnight gongyo.

After praying to the Dai gohonzon, we left the  Head Temple, few hour journey.

My tour of Japan was a week. We visited Disneyland and the zoo
                                                      Tokyo Zoo

Tokyo Disneyland

The last day I free and easy, I early in money I decided to walk on my own to see Tokyo myself, I was 6 and the half hour, and lost my way, fortunately I met a kind heart man who drive me back to the hotel.

The row of 36 films which I took at Tokyo was wasted, because  I didn't put the film properly, can't be developed.

Mystically went I came back from Japan, after taking more than one week leave and no overtime, my company paid me the same that I had work full with overtime.
                                                             A temple
                                                       Tokyo Disneyland

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