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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My favourite cities of the world

Kaitlin Fontana of Selected my Geneva photo and asked me to comment on the best cities of the world.:: Your Geneva photo

Hi leonghimwoh,

My name is Kaitlin and I work for I'm
working on a story about a survey that ranks the world's
best cities. I'd like to use your photo of Geneva to help
add context to my story--Geneva was named the #2 city in
the world. I also invite you to comment on the story; do
you agree or disagree with the list? Let us know.

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Below are my favourite cities:
I like Ginza of Tokyo because it advance usage of technology. Lows of ladies in the doorsteps greeting you at the shopping centre.
High standard and classy place.

Zurich of Swiss. Least negativities, lots their houses are decorated with flowers. I was capitvated by the beautiful wooden houses near Lake Lucerne. the concorde. The place lots of high fashion and stylish good. The ladies dressed stylishly and like to walk their dog.
At Nice France I found some of the most beautiful spectacular views near the seas. Lots of beautiful houses and luxurious yachts.

Monte Carlo, Monaco they said there is no need any securities. Usually where the rich and famous including the hollywood celebrities had their holiday houses there. Lots of beautiful yachts. Beautiful ladies dressed in high fashion.

I like Milan beacause the skills and designs. The combinations of marbles, wood and lighting effects. The way they decorated their shophouses very classy.

Vancouver Canada. The cities shops came in various shapes and sizes each of them are very unique and the way they design their shops very stylish.

Piccadilly circus of London, in the middle of five junctions, very colourful and thriving with numerous nice chinese restarants.

San Francisco Chinatown, huge varieties of goods- electricals, herbs and delicious chinese food shops. The place is very liberal, accomodates lots of outlandish ideas.

I came across this article by, lots of beautiful cities, don't miss it:

I saw these photos about a cities in Spain I was captivated by it, I didn't go there:

This blog featured 23 best places:

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