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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Featuring Chinese Actress, Model & Tutor Vicky Yuan

Vicky Yuan a model, voice over actress, photoshoot at Kallang River Mass Rapid Transit.
She wore many had, a part time tutor, voice over artist, make up artist, direct sales in cosmetic etc.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lynzabel Lee - Actress, Model & Yoga Instructress

Lynzabel Lee
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UCLA : A's student in Acting;
Certificate of Media and Entertainment.
Also studied under Brad Heller;
Acting Instructress (part-time):
@ Hollywood (Beverly Hills Studio)

English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean,
French, German
Dialects: Hokkien, Cantonese, Teo-chew

Current Profession: Yoga Instructress
Age: Private
Special training:
Stunts, Kung Fu, Exotic Dancing.

Background training:
Psychology and Liberal Arts, Fine arts, Films & entertainment.

Lynzabel lived in Santa Monica, California for 10 years; did numerous small projects but did not have the habit of keeping any 'portfolio'. Currently base in Singapore, she is looking for an agent for overseas acting assignments; focus is international.

What Lynzabel taught about acting:
Some may think acting requires no skills or study but there are miniscule details which constitutes a great actor; such as:-
types of acting theatre, film, comedy, thiller etc; in line with director's intention.
proper techinique to memorizing scripts
natural versus preconceived movements
breath, energy flow and emotions
'atmosis' the term Lynza use for being in touch with a 'space'.
importance of getting out of character (it can be dangerous unconsciously. Because the mind is such a powerful tool that when a person really believe in a situation, the mind can cause the outer to manifest; which can lead to death).
projection of 'chi' energy.


Most interesting photo in Flickriver tagged Mediacorp

Featured in;

Featured In:

Featured in:

Monday, June 21, 2010

Requested to use my photo by:

The Singapore Biopolis - (A*STAR) One-North

Photo requested by Anuar of Streetdirectory:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Web designer and developer Ori requested to use my photo

Clark Quay sunset Singapore

Hey there,

My name is Ori and I'm a web designer and developer.

I stumbled across your photo here and I
was wondering if it is OK that I use it in my web designs.
Basically, I wish to use a minimized unedited version of it in the web
sites header.

I'll of course be crediting you in the readme section of every design in
which your photo is used in.

I'd be happy if you'll let me know if it's OK to use this photo or any
other photo in your flickr account.

Thanks alot and best regards,


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Verifying a possible World Freestyle Soccer Juggling Record at Woodsville Secondary School

Clickr to enlarge

Hi All.

Since my younger days I read the book " The Will To Win". I was greatly inspired by the world greatest distance runner.
I was greatly inspired by his feats. Everyday he trained 6 and the half hours. He would hold on to the bus and run together with the bus, even people were laughing at him. Still he persisted. Later won many world long distance events.
After seeing his testimony, I very much like to be a world record holder or a world champion. In Singapore it is very difficult to do it. I don't get much support.
I wrote in Woodsville Secondary School Facebook, I hope that Woodsville Secondary School students and Eric Yeo Kheng Leong can come forward to verify my possible world recordbreaking, at that time. At 1986, at that day it was very crowded many students were moving up and down.
I I think it is the best time to break a record. With some cheering on by the crowd, I continued juggling the standard size football, all over my body, using my head, shoulders, back, heels, thighs, insteps and outsteps etc. 3,400 times non-stop continuously, without the ball dropping on the floors or using my hands, in various different patterns.
After that I think I had done enough, to be not regretted later, I had not done to break a record at that time. I found a job at Singapore Press Holdings. I work 7 days a week at Singapore Press Holdings.So I stop practicing. But I always wonder at that time did I broke the World Freestyle Soccer Juggling Record.
Henry Leong Him Woh
Woodsville Secondary School Facebook


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Attracting top foreign talents is no question, Singapore needs foreign talents as we are resources poor. Many years ago I had wrote about my views, on attracting foreign talent to Singapore. How to incentivise and look for the right talents that power our economies and improve the environments, is a challenge.

How not to import duplicates and to import that talents that we don't have, that Singaporean had the talent is a challenge.

Can Singapore attracted the like of Steve Jobs, who can transform old ideas into new and best sellers? We had Sim Wong Woo and Henn Tan that had make numerous successful inventions. Can Singapore had more of these talents.

What types of  incentives and schemes are in place to reward, honour and stimulate Singaporeans' innovative and creativity.

USA became one of the most advance nation, after World War 2, had attracted many top talents around that world emigrated there.

China used to make many important inventions, fall into decline and backward looking, because the fear of foreigners.

What types of incentives to develop and transform the constructions , food and beverage industries. How top foreign talents were encourage to bring forward their ideas and innovations to transform the industries?

Hope to get more views on these matters?

Friday, January 29, 2010

The collapse of Hong Kong flats
The recent collapsed of some Hong Kong flats, was a reminder that some preventive measure  were needed. Since many of our oldest HDB were built more than 40 years ago, using technology of 50 years old.
Could these oldest HDB given more priority in enbloc. HDB had been doing a good job all these years. Hope that HDB will look into these matters.
Hope to hear feedbacks or ideas on these issues.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Transforming Singapore into a top educational hub.

Click to enlarge Photos: The ACS International at Commonwealth Crescent:

Massive development are underway to transform Singapore oldest estate The Queenstown Estate into a top educational hub. The sleepy town used to be populated by senior citizens, had came a long way. Lots of efforts were put into rejuvenatING the area and turn it into a modern metropolis. Many younger generations and expats now were attracted to the area and it is bustling. Sheng Siong and koufu near the commonwealth MRT were crowded.

It had been 40 over years since the government first built it.  Now you can see westerners came to stay here, which before that they don't stay in HDB.
With many massive developments around the area presently, can it transform into a modern metropolis? ACS International which offer diplomas programs. And it recently upgraded its stated of art facilities and sport hub to draw more international students. 

With the Integrated Resort and The Biopolis, A-Star around. The supply of manpower from MDIS and ACS international is much needed.

The No One Commonwealth Lane  shopping & Commercial centre, beside the Commonwealth MRT, is build to cater to high tech activities.

Recently I went to the top of the building beside the Commonwealth MRT, to find out more. Wow! the sea and city view were stunning and captivating (see photos) from top of the 40th storey, the recently completed HDB beside the Commonwealth MRT, with a spectacular rooftop garden. With the shift in HDB policy involving more private architects, will the HDB building flat as high as 100 storey one day?, with the Singapore population growing to 6.5 million and with limited space?  More photos from the top of 40th storey:

Those older buildings around the area will soon be demolished and give way to the taller HDB with modern high tech designs, fittings and amenities. The area used to be a sleepy town, with many old folk staying around.

The government is trying to rejuvenate the area by building Singapore largest private school MDIS Queensway beside it, and building the $100 millions building and hostel beside it and planning to draw 25,000 students from around the world. (Click here). 
And the newly renovated Anglo-Chinese School (International) near Commonwealth Crescent.

The $15 billions Biopolis, Fusionpolis, One North, Media Center etc. It had drawn many top notch scientists to work there and had made many innovations under it's belts. (Click here)
The Singapore <span class=Biopolis - (A*STAR)
Efficient and intensified use of resources were needed to be considered to optimised the use of land. To draw talented artistes, creative & scientific community from around the world to work here, an ultra-modern state of art $1000 millions arts, cultural, commercial & shopping building beside the junction of One-North and Bouna Vista MRT. (Click here). It was built beside the mrt to make easy access to everyone. Capitaland is the developer of popular shopping Ion.

The old New Town Primary School which was vacated, will be transform into a modern Heritage Centre beside the Commonwealth MRT and a high tech shopping and commercial building was built beside it (Click here)

The 40th storey HDB had attracted widespread attentions and popularity, with many times oversubscribed. It was built just beside the Commonwealth MRT. The ever popular Sheng Siong especially the live seafood and Koufu drawing huge crowds to the area.

The rooftop garden was beautiful and magnificent (see picture). Now it attracted many new expat and younger population came to stay in the area and continued to revitalise the area, bring diversified ideas.
Queenstown is the nearest HDB estate to Orchard Road. With many largest shopping and development to be completed soon. Like Dempsey Hill Eatery & The state of art shopping mall The Ion.(see picture above)

Dempsey Road write up:

Labrador Park

The area is link to Labrador Park beach through the Circle Line MRT

The one billion dollar shopping,cultural centre at Buona Vista and One North MRT:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wow my bicycle feats was featured in the Russia sports website

Translation from Russian to English

Friday, January 8, 2010

The secret of how to master unbelievable football juggling skills

The secret of how to master unbelievable or recordbreaking football juggling feats in different patterns, with many parts of the body except the hands, the head, shoulders, neck, back, thighs, heels, insteps & outstep etc:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to master unbelievable bicycle skills

Tuesday, January 5, 2010