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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Verifying a possible World Freestyle Soccer Juggling Record at Woodsville Secondary School

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Hi All.

Since my younger days I read the book " The Will To Win". I was greatly inspired by the world greatest distance runner.
I was greatly inspired by his feats. Everyday he trained 6 and the half hours. He would hold on to the bus and run together with the bus, even people were laughing at him. Still he persisted. Later won many world long distance events.
After seeing his testimony, I very much like to be a world record holder or a world champion. In Singapore it is very difficult to do it. I don't get much support.
I wrote in Woodsville Secondary School Facebook, I hope that Woodsville Secondary School students and Eric Yeo Kheng Leong can come forward to verify my possible world recordbreaking, at that time. At 1986, at that day it was very crowded many students were moving up and down.
I I think it is the best time to break a record. With some cheering on by the crowd, I continued juggling the standard size football, all over my body, using my head, shoulders, back, heels, thighs, insteps and outsteps etc. 3,400 times non-stop continuously, without the ball dropping on the floors or using my hands, in various different patterns.
After that I think I had done enough, to be not regretted later, I had not done to break a record at that time. I found a job at Singapore Press Holdings. I work 7 days a week at Singapore Press Holdings.So I stop practicing. But I always wonder at that time did I broke the World Freestyle Soccer Juggling Record.
Henry Leong Him Woh
Woodsville Secondary School Facebook