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Monday, May 7, 2007

Some important book that influence my of my life or my favourite books

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Martin Lindsey. said...

Wow Henry. You do a lot of traveling. I noticed that you have a lot of blogs too so what is your actual profession? Do you travel for just fun or is it part of your career? me how I'm able to write so many blogs. I hope I am able to answer you below:

I had read countless books, you can said any books that I thought that can change my family problems I would read it. Because of my family problems in my early days. I used to read from morning until night to find the answers to my problems. All sorts of book on different subject.

Below are some useful books that had influence my life.

The book 'The Will to Win'. I had read it again and again countless times. I was so captivated by the examples. I am determined to be a World Record holder after reading it. I might had broke some records in cycling and football juggling maybe a world record.

One P. Nurmi the greatest long distance runner, how he practiced by everyday in the morning holding on to the public transport and run with it to work, in the 20s the public transport moved quite slow. Despite of people making fun of him, he continue day in and day out. He practiced 6.5 hours per day.

This book contains the life experiences and struggles of some of the greatest Olympic Champions.

The book 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill. This book was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to research on the most successful persons at that time and the secrets of their successes. Some of the principles in the book I found were very useful like:

Like visualises the scenery of your success and what you want until it's red hot.

Find a mastermind group of people. That share the same interests towards your success. Example the sharing of ideas between Thomas Edison, the greatest inventor and Henry Ford the master of mass production.

Set and write down the goals and everyday repeat and visualise it until burning red hot even it might seem impossible.

Some of the negativity that obstructs a person success.

Some of my friends read this book and put into practice had been successful.think and grow rich

Peter Lynch one of the greatest fund manager.

The son of a mathematician. Felt that studying history is more important than maths in finding a winning stocks.

He described the factors that affected a stocks. How to categorise a stocks. Why stocks move up and down. Some famous numbers.

My favourite chapter was how he put most of the funds money into a potential bankrupt stock cyclical car production company Chrysler Corp. How he made a career out of this stock.

How to find a ten- bagger. Stocks that multiply a lot of times. I made money from the tip bagger his book: peter lynch

Through reading lots of great investors how to pick stocks. I invented my formula for picking stocks. Some of the stocks that I invested multiply a few times.

In my younger days I like to read the Adventures of Tom Sawyer it was the life adventures of Author Mark Twain. The adventures of famous five series by children author. Enid Blyton.

My life are more adventurous then some of the stories.

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