The amazing James Cook University at Sims Drive

James Cook University Sims Drive Singapore

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Henry Leong at the most popular amazing landmarks of the world

Row One:  Grand Canyon USA,  London Bridge, Tien An Meng Sq China, Sea food Batam, France Disneyland, Efflel Tower, Sydney Bridge Australia, The Mermaid Copenhagen, St Peter Germany, Pompeii, Stockholm Sweden,  Then Swiss Apline Mont Blanc

Row Two: River Rhine Swiss, The Parliament Budapest Hungary, At the Castle Hill Budapest, Ronald Reagan statue Budapest, Hero Square Budapest, Nobel Museum Stockholm, Schönbrunn Palace Vienna, Hallstatt Austria, Schonbrunn Palace Vienna, Chesky Krumlov Czech Rep, Windmills of Amsterdam, Shafe Prague Cathedral.

Row 3: Charles Bridge Prague, Prague Castle, Wenceslas Square Prague, Fuji Mountain Japan, Dresden East Germany, Dresden East Germany, Stockholm Sweden, grauman's chinese theatre, Munich River, Linlerhor castle Germany, Neuschwanstein castle Germany, Great Wall of China.

Row 4: The Opera House Sydney, World tallest building Taipei 101, Mount Cook New Zealand, Lake Tekapo New Zealand, Universal Studio USA, Sognefjord Norway, Steam Clock of Vancouver Canada, Walter Peak High Country Farm New Zealand, The 3 sisters mountain Australia, Camel Hill, Guilin China, Bangkok, The Peak Hong Kong.

Row 5: River Seine Paris, Dresden Germany, San Francisco Bay, Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver Canada, Zurich, Zurich, Thames River UK, Tvinde Waterfall Norway, France Disney, Wat Arun Pagoda Bangkok, Bergen Norway, Xian China.

Row 6: Prague Charles Bridge, Helsinki Finland, Oslo Norway- Behind is Akershus Fortress, Las Vegas USA, Grouse mountain Vancouver, San Francisco Bay Shopping, Nyhavn  Copenhagen Denmark, Amsterdam canal, Vancouver, Frogner Park Oslo, Entrance to cavern with stone carving Guihai Stele Forest Guilin China, World largest gold ingot Las Vegas.

Row 7: Xi Mending Taipei, Flam Norway, Dr Sun Yet San Memorial Hall Guangzhou, Istanbul Turkey, Sibelius Monument Helsinki, Mandarin Restaurant Lake Wakatipu Queenstown New Zealand, Border Mexico, Copenhagen Canal, Background Prague Castle, Oslo suburb shopping, Chesky Krumlov Czech Rep Chinese Restaurant, Norway small town

Row 8: Intercontinental Hotel Vienna, Kjosfossen Waterfall, Norway, Yang Tse Kiang restaurant Bergen Norway, Taipei man made cave restaurant, Genting Highland Malaysia, Los Angeles USA, Geilo Norway, Copenhagen canal, Copenhagen Hotel, Munich Chinese Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant Dixon Road Chinatown Sydney, Steamboat at Lijiang River China.

Row 9: Night dinner at Prague, Shilin night market Taipei, Stockholm, Munich, Guilin hill China, Background Prague Castle, Las Vegas USA, Batam Kelong, Xian, Senate Square Helsinki, Xian, Pagoda Bangkok

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Henry at 100 of the world popular spots of the world

Henry travels to 100 of the world most amazing scenic spots of the world

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Row one: 1 Pompeii Italy, 2 Zurich 3 Forbidden City Beijing, 4 Geneva Switzerland, 5 Paris, 6 Vancouver, 7 Camel Hill, Xian, 8 Vancouver city, 9  Bangkok, 10 Xian.

Row two: 1 Bergen Norway, 2 Stockholm, 3 Mexico border town, 4 The Opera House Sydney, 5 China town Sydney, 6 Blue Mountain Australia, 7 San Francisco, 8 Cable Groose Mountain, Vancouver, 9 Genting Highland, Malaysia, 10 Thames River UK.

Row three: 1 Lijiang River China, 2 Grand Canyon USA, 3 Los Angeles USA, 4 Steam Clock, Vancouver, 5 River Seine Paris, 6 The Alpine Switzerland, 7 Groose Mountain Vancouver, 8 Prayer Hall Grand Palace, Beijing, 9 Las Vegas USA, 10 Tahoe Lake USA.

Row four: 1 Kweilin Cave, 2 St Peter -  Cologne Germany, 3 River Rhine Germany, 4 Tokyo Disneyland, 5 Holland, 6 West Lake Beijing, 7 Guangzhou, 8 Paris Disneyland, 9 US$1 million Las Vegas,  10 Hong Kong Shopping centre.

Row five: 1 Hong Kong Central Business District, 2 Hollywood Los Angeles, 3 Chao Praya River Bangkok, 4 On top of the Great Wall of China, 5 Qin Shi Huang Relic Xian,  6 Qin Shi Huang tomb, 7 San Francisco Bridge, 8 Fisherman Wharf, San Francisco, 9 Teracotta Xian, 10 Universal Studio USA.

Row six: 1 Selat Panjang, Indonesia, 2 Vancouver, 3 Canberra Australia, 4 Kweilin Hill China, 5 The Sibelius Monument Helsinki Finland, 6 The Mermaid, Copenhagen, 7 Copenhagen river cruise, 8 Oslo Vigan Park, 9 Ship ride from Sweden to Norway, 10 Oslo.

Row seven: 1 Central Business District Helsinki, 2 Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki Helsinki, 3 Bergen Norway, 4 Helsinki, 5 Helsinki, 6 Christchurch New Zealand,  7 Istanbul Turkey, 8 Stockholm harbour, 9 Stockholm, 10 Oslo suburb.

Row eight: 1 Oslo suburb, 2 Valdres Norway, 3 Flam Norway, 4 Kjosfossen waterfall Norway, 5 Voss Norway, 6 CBD Copenhagen, 7 Bergen Norway, 8 Bergenhus fortress Bergen Norway, 9 Bergen, 10 Bergen Norway.

Row nine: 1Tvinde Waterfall near Voss, Norway, 2 Flam Norway, 3 Sognefjord Norway, 4 Hallingdal Norway, 5 Geilo Norway, 6 Oslo Norway, 7 Amaliehavn fountain Copenhagen,  8, nyhavn canal copenhagen, 9 Scandic Hotel Copenhagen, 10 Scandic Hotel Copenhagen.

Row ten: 1, The MRT of Copenhagen, 2 Sydney Harbour Bridge, 3 Taisekji Temple behind Fuji mountain Tokyo, 4 Queenstown New Zealand,  5 Queenstown New Zealand, 6 Vancouver City, 7 Amsterdam canal, 8 Wat Arun Bangkok, 9 Botanical Garden Calfornia, 10 Taipei 101 world tallest building.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Using my Biopolis photo without my permission


Please Don't Use My Photos On Websites , Blogs Or Other Media Without My Explicit Permission. © All rights reserved ©

See this photo clever way in copying my photo to draw viewships

This 2 websites saw my Biopolis  tops the search engine, just copied my photo and featured it in their websites, I wonder did they understand the wordings I put up, hope that they pay me for my photo which top the search engine with 11,000 views:

 © Henry Leong
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I am using this website to track those websites that use my photos without my permission

One person very smart he copied my photo to his website to use it to attract traffic, when I called him he claim ignorance and said sorry, later very fast he took down my photo and put up his own photo which is the similar location I took the place, he already taken the photo of the same location, because my photo top the search engine, he it put up my photo to attract audience to his company website.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Filming of Mediacorp and various medias

Interesting Mediacorp and various media filming at 25 various locations.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Using my photos with out my permissions

I used Tineye: , to track those who used my photo without my permissions.

My rooftop garden photo, was featured in at least 10 website worldwide: Rooftop Garden  viewed from 40th Storey HDB beside the Commonwealth MRT Singapore