The amazing James Cook University at Sims Drive

James Cook University Sims Drive Singapore

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Actress Xiang Yun of Mediacorp

 Xiang Yun was the first batch of artistes at  the then Singapore Broadcasting Corp.

We got something in common, I heard that she help out her mom's drinks stall at certain primary school where I used to studied there.

She and me were born in the the same year and same day but not the same month.

I used to go to Macpherson CC almost every night, where she stayed just across the road,  and the coffee stall at Circuit Road, where I used to have dialogues with my friends every night and watch TV there.

I had emailed her, on and off she did replied me on numerous occasions. There were possibility  we were classmates.

I seen her 2 times, she was interviewing a person, when I was performing in the National Day Parade and another time I saw her at Bugis I want to approach her, but somehow never had the courage to.

I saw many artistes came and gone at Mediacorp.  Against all odds she still around, she must have some special qualities that enable let her stay in a not so easy industry for so long.

I wonder what are the secrets of her success, she was one of the earliest pioneer in Singapore film industry after 27 years she still consistently featured in many shows and received many awards.

I asked her which she replied in chinese; living a life silently, low key, struggle for life, and having a meaningful and wonderful life with others.

One of this day will we the have the karma to meet the 3rd time? If so she will be the second earliest schoolmates still in contact? One of primary one classmate Mike, we were still in contact.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In conversations with Radio Producer Ning Na of 988 online radio

The above 2 photos were from Ning Na.

Got a call from Ning Na, and went down to the 988 online, studio to meetup with her a few days later.

The conversations started after Ning Na of 988 internet radio, completed interviewing 2 persons and they had left.

Ning Na briefly introduced me to her audiences at 10.30am.

Later she played some music.

We started our conversation on managing finances, investments and health etc.

She asked out for  a biz meeting

I requested some photos from her to put in my blog, which she forwarded a few photos to me.

I took a photo of her and left at 11am, after our interview on and offline.

Presently she with WeChat