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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The spectacular natural undersea resorts photos from around the world

Must see some of the most innovative ideas, in watching the natural undersea environment from around the world:

Monday, August 13, 2007

The calls from Singapore Book of Records

The Singapore book of Records, had asked me to perform the feats again, the likely feat that I can perform now is marathon one leg, hand free cycling feat at ECP from end to end.

The theme, is to encourage cycling for skills, fitness, and protecting the environment. Hope my feats can encourage more people to take up cycling as an alternative mode of transport.

Some people asked me did I get injured. Of course I did, but not serious. It took me years to master it.

Cycling skills is a matter of practice. The more training a cyclist get, the more difficult skills he can master and the more proficient he can handle a bike.

Numerous questions arose from trying to perform the feats. Where to get that type of bike in the West, where I used stay at Sims Dr there are two bike shops operating nearby. At my place here in the West there are no bike shop, if I want to adjust and repair it.

Doing these type of extraordinary feats, because of the rough usages, constantly need backup of a bike nearly and their tools.

When SBOR called me, told me an organisation want to sponsor a bike for a mass participation, so I went around to look for one, for one and the half hour, I can't find a bike shop, I went to 3 district to asked numerous people.

My aim is to ride it around one hour, hand free and using only one leg for 12 km non-stop from end to end at ECP cycling track. Maybe Singapore will be proud if I do some super feats that are rare in the world and put Singapore in the World Map. It also can encourage more people take up cycling.

To get the authorities permission, to do the feat at ECP. It's OK with me with or without people cycling at the cycling track.

Guinness Book of Record had sent me a 8 pages letter. I reply them got to call to off it

To arrange a team of SBOR officials to take photos and record it.

GWR and SBOR requested for the medias to be present.

At Sims Dr. I can easily cycle to East Coast Park to train. When I shift to the West I had never do any bike tricks. So find a place to train also a challenge.

Even I got a bike here I got to find a bike with all the tools to adjust it to optimal conditions, until I get use to it. So I got to frequently visit to a bike shop. Maybe shifting back to the east side, solve the problems.

Any wisdom to overcome such challenges?

6 photos

Riding a bike handfree, using only one leg, around the football field and at the same time carrying a bike.

Cycling <span class=Riding through 4 narrow metal poles, handfree, using only one leg, and at the same time carrying a bike.

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image <span class=
Handfree, legfree cycling.

ST photo

Juggling a football on top of a bicycle. Picture from Straits Times.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The spectacular Singapore National Day Parade

                                         2006 NDP

Some photos of NDP06 memorable moments, together we struggled to made NDP a success. Some captivating photos through the years. I participated 18 NDP from 1986, to 2006. many of the photos were given by members
                                                          As a trainer

Our toughest challenge was 1995, our tower 8 kept falling even at the rehearsal to the finale.

I finally called my senior leader I told my senior that the trainer is putting the wrong person on the top, he should put the lightest person instead of the heavier one. We went to kaikan chanted one week and made the changes.

Finally in the grand finale we are able to put up all the towers up

Some of the NDPs, I used to hold up the hips or the thigh of the participants to prevent them from shaking to much and fell down, due to my experiences which I used to train gymnastics in my primary school days and was a member of the school gym team in my secondary school days. So I am able to apply my skills to contribute to the NDPs.

2002 NDP, running around the stadium, with temperature of 28 degrees, no rain, no winds so that the helium balloons didn't entangled