The amazing James Cook University at Sims Drive

James Cook University Sims Drive Singapore

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kallang MRT and the surrounding the area

The 100 sq ft retail mall at the junction of Kallang Rd and Lavendar Rd, more then double the retails space of Sport Hub nearby:

New University at Sims Drive:
Photos of retail and entertainment beside the sports hub
Spectacular Rising Sun of Kallang River, Singapore

Kallang MRT slated to be the next highly sought after area. With many developments planned.

Like shopping, entertainment and seasport centres etc. Two big plots of empty land beside it, are waiting to be developed

A new MRT line to criss cross Kallang MRT station was planned.

Nearby Geylang 44 condo slated to be built soon and low lying houses were demolished. Many shops were upgrading to attract the middle class residents

Government to pump in a massive $500 millions to upgrade the parks, canals and around the area.

Every day many students from all over Singapore comes to the Kallang River to practice various forms of seasport.

A new award winning, state of art $2 billions Singapore Sports Hub front by seasport facilities shopping and entertaining centre, is under construction beside the Kallang River.

The Marina Sands Integrated Resort is quite near the area. And the billions dollar Garden By the Bay.

Many old shophouses beside the main road were upgraded, with eye catching colourful lights and signboards, more are on the way.

Geylang is one of Singapore favourite eateries, which attracted huge crowds from all over Singapore and tourists.

Many contractors come to  Geylang source for tools and equipments. Quite a number of interior design shops spring up.

Every day many foreign students come to study at the nearby private school (SHINES)

It was bustling with 24 hours eateries and shops.

With the massive development of turning old houses into condo, Geylang could one day with the most condos in Singapore

The Kallang Bahru MRT:

Map of Kallang MRT:

The changes
  • More than 4,000 private homes withwaterfront views west of Kallang River.
  • Office, hotel, retail and entertainmentspace.
  • Hotel cluster with some 3,000 rooms.
  • Old Kallang Airport conserved, sold and adapted to new uses.
  • Promenade along Kallang River andRochor Canal to be upgraded.
  • Kallang Riverside Park to the west ofKallang River will be upgraded withabeachside lagoon.
  • Integrated second-storey linkway from Kallang MRT station to the new Sports Hub, with shops lining the way.
  • Sports Hub will have new National Stadium, Aquatic & Water Leisure Centre, Multi-Purpose Indoor Arena, the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
  • A new 55,000-capacity National Stadium with a retractable roof and comfort cooling for spectators;
  • A 3,000-capacity indoor Aquatic Centre complete with leisure facilities, expandable to 6,000-capacity for specific events that meets world tournament standards;
  • A 3,000-capacity Multi-purpose Indoor Arena which will be scalable, modular and flexible in layout;
  • A Water Sports Centre to enhance sports offerings in the Kallang Basin
  • 41,000 sq m of commercial space for leisure, shopping and dining activities
  • A Sports Information and Resource Centre (SIRC), comprising a library, a museum and an exhibition centre
  • Sports Promenade and Community Facilities
  • The existing 12,000-capacity Singapore Indoor Stadium featuring an exciting line-up of vibrant entertainment
  • It is only a 10 minutes walk from Geylang Bahru MRT station to Kallang MRT Station and Lorong 1 Geylang Bus Terminal

      Thursday, June 9, 2011

      The spectacular beautiful Norway

      The Nobel Prize has a spectacular and encouraging influence on the people of Norway. Norway enjoy the highest standard of living in the world. And arguably the most beautiful country in the world. 

      With a small population and the with the spirit of innovations incalulated in every levels of the society.

      Old beautiful houses built hundreds of  years ago, were in harmony and in complemented with the new one and were very colourful.

      Many beautiful parks were built around it.

      Norway has a long seafaring history. With their master  craftmen, building stunning beautiful boats.

      Below is  the photo of the stunning beautiful Bergen. Click to enlarge it.
      More Scandinavia photos here:

      Saturday, June 4, 2011

      Nevha Canal Copenhagen river cruise

      The last day of my tour, drawn some interesting conclusions.
      The day is free and easy. To go on the boat ride to see the coastline of Copenhagen. We need to take a cab, which  I need to find 4 persons or take the Mass Rapid Transit.
      I went downstair the hotel, hope to figure out how to take the Mass Rapid Transit to the city centre.
      Fortunately I found 4 persons, they asked me to follow them to take the train to the city, we decided to go for the river cruise.
      The mass rapid transit is fully automatic. Can use only credit cards or buy a paper card ticket from the nearby convenient store. No staff were stationed at the entrance.
      It was Friday morning the train was not very crowded. When reached the city, we got to walk around another ten minutes to the starting point of the river cruise. On our way we saw the innovative transparent houses, the back  of The Little Mermaid scupture, unused cannons,  rows of sailing boats at the both sides of the canals. I have always admires the Danish ways of innovations and designs.  The boat ride was around one hour journey.

      I was happy that I am able to take the river boat ride, which might not happened if I didn't met the four other persons. What a happy and fulfilling way to end my Scandinavian tour.