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Thursday, February 1, 2018

The amazing journey to the Balkans states and Venice

Balkans states travels were challenging, we flied from Singapore to Belgrade.
Afterwards when to see a church and when to a ruin fortress.

I  reach the hotel in Venice Hotel Noventa from Slovenia in a coach. I asked the reception, I was fortunate at night at least one hour of prayers and in the morning one hour of chanting, to ask the for directions to my destination in Venice islands, Venice consisted of around 150 islands is the main trading port during Marco Polo time in the Fourteen Century.

I need to take bus from the hotel to the railway station to the  Venice islands, for around at least one and the half hour trip there.

The morning I set out, I walk a distance as directed for more than 10 minutes which I asked a few persons where to take the bus to the  train station to the Venice islands.

Fortunately I  met a student he told me he was going to the train station too, so he brought me to buy the tickets to and back home at the store, to take the bus nearby, where he sit next to me.

On the bus he asked me various questions about Singapore. When we reach the station he direct me to the counter and explain to me how to take the train and left to take bus to his school.

When I reached Venice island I went to the counter to buy a whole day ticket for travelling whole day by boats to all the islands, I met a ltalian lady beside me who is studying tourism and offered to bring me to the island Murano.

After some time I decided to take the boat to another island Burano. After taking numerous pictures and my lunch, I decided to asked the ticketing agent which is the 3rd popular island to go. He told me Tocello island.

After taking numerous pictures, I decided to go back, fortunately I met a lady from France she assured me that she will help me all the way to back to the station where I came, as we needed to changed the boat 2 times. She asked numerous persons on the way, as she know how to speak Italian.

Later she asked me to drop at the berth of my station, and she continued her journey to San Marco in boat.

I went back to the area where I dropped from the boat took numerous pictures, look for a Chinese restaurant.

I took train back to the station near the hotel and asked the Chinese store owner beside the station, he told me to take this bus before 8 pm as after that there will be no more bus, I got to take cab back. 
So I took the bus back and went to the emporium beside the hotel to buy some snacks and the golden beer, which were specially imported from Holland, at nearly 9 pm.
What an amazing journey.

To be continue