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Sunday, December 9, 2018

My amazing experiences in sleeping in the street

My dad was a bag maker, which at time he earned only $15 per month in the sixties, when I was few years old he passed away from illnesses.

Left  6 of us, my mom, my 3 sisters, my brother and me to fend for ourselves.

We lived on social welfare and picked cans to sell for a living. Many times we survived on dark soya sauces and plain rice at times with an egg.

Than someone teaches my mom how to cook food to sell. Steaming the glutinous rice and yam cakes 2 hours made the room very hot. The heat didn't dispersed until the wee hours in the morning

The Yong Wah Radio and Electric Service store, which used to be a makeshift  wooden store ran by the mom and her eldest son, I frequently repaired our kerosene stove and tricycle there in the earlier days at Geylang

The pushcart quite similar to the makeshift wooden pushcart, when I was a few years old from Mattar Road to Circuit Road Block 67 pavement to hawk the food, before I went to my primary school

The type of wooden pushcart which I put the foods inside and above it covered it with a piece of plastic

Even after the cooking stopped, the room still hot with the heat generated around.
I usually avoid staying at home due to the heat by sitting in the staircase downstairs for hours watching the days went by, playing Chinese chess at the coffee shop and catching fishes at the Pelton canal etc.

My 2nd sister after married brought her 4 children to come to stay at our one room rented flat. So at night there were hardly any place to sleep.

Every morning 364 days, rain or shine. I woke up early in the morning at 4 am brought the foods down and push the cart from Mattar Road to Circuit Road  to sell. At that time if the estate officers caught us selling foods they might confiscated it.

The heat in the room and worrying about the food been confiscated exacted  heavy toll on my 3 sisters and mom health.

Later we got a stall to rent at Sims Drive. Situation improved a bit. After that I am able to buy a 3 room flat.

                                                      Sims Drive market

Every night after all my neighbors slept at around 11 pm plus I brought the cardboard and a pillow out to the end of the alley to sleep, until 4 am woke up to help to sell the food.

It is not safe sleeping outside at the corridor of the rental flat. There were constant fightings around the area at that time. Sometimes raining and strong winds I moved inner,. At the end of the corridor which the open air were cooler.


After we got the rental stall at Sims Drive every morning 4 am I woke up, brought the food down to the tricycle covered it with a plastic and put my bike on top of it and my mom sitting behind. cycled to Sims Drive food stall.

Rain or shine 364 days I got to cycle it to the stall as the whole family of 10 depend on it, If the tyres punctured I pushed it there.

After unloading it I will cycled to my school in Upper Aljunied Technical School to study after finished the classes cycled back to Sims Drives to bring back the tricycle home.

At Upper Aljunied Technical School

Things begin to improve, A master printer who print the Lianhe Zaobao stayed nearby came to my mom stall, encouraged me to work in Singapore Press Holding.

After I started working one year plus I got the good fortune to buy a 3 room HDB flat at 27 years old, which officially end my journey of sleeping  on the street .

I worked 7 days a week then with the overtimes and bonus to build up the finances and started to invest, which a colleague introduced me a broker at 30, so I am able to afford to buy a flat.

I regular borrow book to read at the mobile library at 10 years old, which came every Wednesday in Macpherson Community Club building up my knowledges and interest in travelling.

To avoid staying at home I train regularly with my ball juggling and cycling which the medias found it interesting and came to record and broadcasted it.
                                                 At the National Library

Subsequently Singapore Press Holdings called me up for the award. And published my story in the internal Newsletter.

                                               Singapore Press Holdings

Macpherson Community Club

Sunday, November 11, 2018

How I started travelling

My friend James drived me to Johor Bahru in 1986 which is my first time travelling out of the country. The second time is my coworker  organised a group trip to Genting Highland to Malaysia in 1989
Undoubtedly Johore Bahru is my most visited foreign states, the next was Batam of Indonesia which I whiched 4 times and enroute to Selat Panjang. Since than I had visited 37 countries

Numerous countries I travelled more than one time, all the countries I travelled to is holiday.

I hoped to travel to all the developed countries around 30.

My criteria for frugal travels are accomodation near the city spectacular view and chinese foods. I used all mode of travels. Backpacking, free and easy follow group tour and solo.
I had travelled to 4 continents 
Between 1998 to 2007 I had stopped travelling bring up 2 children
Doha Qatar

Friday, October 5, 2018

An interesting meeting with the Lianhe Wanbao reporter and the photographer与联合万宝记者和摄影师的有趣会面

Last Tuesday, I finally met up with a Chinese reporter after 33 years. Where 33 ago I had  my first interviewed in the medias at 1985 by Straits Times Janice Seah, where most of my interviews were conducted  in the English with medias, with the Chinese Lianhe Wanbao reporter this is the first time, which I shared my story. We spoken mostly in Mandarin. She asked me numerous questions about my story, it was quite a long interview lasting around an hour.

It is interesting to note that I was supposed to be interviewed or broadcasted by channel 8 which never materialised in 1986, where I and my friends went down to meet the channel 8 producer at the then  Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (presently Mediacorp), last minute it was switched to the English channel 5, my feats were filmed in 4 different locations in 2 days, at East Coast Park which lined with linear metal poles, Singapore National Stadium, Woodsville Secondary School Football field and Sims Drive children playground

If it was broadcasted  in Ch 8 of my skills in free style football juggling feat and amazing bicycle stunts, I had often wondered will my destiny was different if it was broadcasted in Channel 8, the 8 pm varieties show rather then Sunday morning 10.30 am where many were sleeping?

The Lianhe Wanbao reporter and the camera man interviewed me in a variety of topic one hour at 5 pm in different locations and the photographer took lots of pictures. 

My amazing story was translated by google:

上周二,我终于在33年后遇到了一位中国记者。 33年前,我第一次接受海峡时报Janice Seah在1985年的媒体采访,我的大部分采访都是用英语和媒体进行的,中国联合万宝记者这是我第一次分享我的故事。我们大多用普通话说。她问了我很多关于我的故事的问题,这是一个长达一个小时的漫长采访。



lianhe wanbao 联合晚

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Featured in the TV

I shared some photos in the TV Channel U Facebook page, they featured it in the TV programThe World this Week
Flam Norway

Queenstown New Zealand

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The amazing journey to the Balkans states and Venice

Balkans states travels were challenging, we flied from Singapore to Belgrade.
Afterwards when to see a church and when to a ruin fortress.

I  reach the hotel in Venice Hotel Noventa from Slovenia in a coach. I asked the reception, I was fortunate at night at least one hour of prayers and in the morning one hour of chanting, to ask the for directions to my destination in Venice islands, Venice consisted of around 150 islands is the main trading port during Marco Polo time in the Fourteen Century.

I need to take bus from the hotel to the railway station to the  Venice islands, for around at least one and the half hour trip there.

The morning I set out, I walk a distance as directed for more than 10 minutes which I asked a few persons where to take the bus to the  train station to the Venice islands.

Fortunately I  met a student he told me he was going to the train station too, so he brought me to buy the tickets to and back home at the store, to take the bus nearby, where he sit next to me.

On the bus he asked me various questions about Singapore. When we reach the station he direct me to the counter and explain to me how to take the train and left to take bus to his school.

When I reached Venice island I went to the counter to buy a whole day ticket for travelling whole day by boats to all the islands, I met a ltalian lady beside me who is studying tourism and offered to bring me to the island Murano.

After some time I decided to take the boat to another island Burano. After taking numerous pictures and my lunch, I decided to asked the ticketing agent which is the 3rd popular island to go. He told me Tocello island.

After taking numerous pictures, I decided to go back, fortunately I met a lady from France she assured me that she will help me all the way to back to the station where I came, as we needed to changed the boat 2 times. She asked numerous persons on the way, as she know how to speak Italian.

Later she asked me to drop at the berth of my station, and she continued her journey to San Marco in boat.

I went back to the area where I dropped from the boat took numerous pictures, look for a Chinese restaurant.

I took train back to the station near the hotel and asked the Chinese store owner beside the station, he told me to take this bus before 8 pm as after that there will be no more bus, I got to take cab back. 
So I took the bus back and went to the emporium beside the hotel to buy some snacks and the golden beer, which were specially imported from Holland, at nearly 9 pm.
What an amazing journey.

To be continue

Sunday, January 21, 2018

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