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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ideas to attract lots of tourists

Singapore plans to increases it populations to 6.5 millions and 17 millions tourists. Imagine the impact on the environment- the pollutions, the congestions & the loss of man hours during the jams.

The need to divert some daytime traffics to the night is critical. My idea to have more night tours to cater for the tourists like having cycling tours on their own or through groups like trishaws etc.

More ideas were needed on how to divert some of the daytime activities to the night and reduce the imparts on the environment. Awards to be given for the best ideas. More studies of overseas cities night scenes to find out whatare the activities that people were interested during the night.

Hotels might be encourage to rent out bicycles. A deposit is collect when renting out the bike. When I was in the Hong Kong hotel a deposit was needed and refund me when I leave . GPS to track the bicycles if they got lost they way. Some they can see more of Singapore.

Night cycling is less risky because of much less traffic. Singapore plans to host the F1 at night why not more or other activities?.

To get the most value from my tour I usually walk a few hours on my own, during the free and easy days. In Tokyo I walked a record of 6 hours to see the city, even that I felt no enough and after that I lost me way. If I can rent a bicycle I could had covered more and see more of the city.

More shops, offices and industrial to operate at night? More interesting activities to cater to the night shift workers and tourists. When I was in Hong Kong even at midnight the MRT were fully packed.

Usually my ideas come at the wee hours of the morning between sleeping and waking up then I start to blog my ideas in case I forgot it.

Earlier I wrote a post about a my friend mine, putting the inspiring books beside his bed and read it when he was going to sleep. While he was asleep his brain is dreaming of some ideas, came from this inspiration.

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