The amazing James Cook University at Sims Drive

James Cook University Sims Drive Singapore

Friday, July 14, 2023

A trip to Cannes and Nice France

I visited Cannes France on March 23, I took a bus early in the morning at Andorra to Toulouse en route from Marseille to Cannes

Cannes is amazing it live up to its hype, it's very popular. As when it approaching midnight more and more tourists arrived most of the more economical hotel rooms were filled, price increasing as it approaching to  from midnight into the wee hours

                                                           Hotel Alantis Cannes

The red carpet building where they host the award giving ceremony for the festivals of films

                                                          French Riviera 

The best selling Singer Taylor Swift  had attended the Cannes festival 

She was scheduled to  perform at the Singapore Sports Hub in her upcoming tour, on next year in 2024 April in the sold out 6 concerts, with around 300K fans coming from all over South East Asian countries, she is performing only  in Singapore  at this region

She was so popular, with billions of views in her videos, with many of her albums top the charts

                  France Riviera image taken from behind the Cannes railway station

                                            The Red Carpet Beach Cannes

Incidentally Blackpink a South Korea pop group concert performed in Singapore Sports Hub was sold out in 25 minutes

Blackpink in Cannes France

                                                             Cannes street


The French Riviera Nice


Saturday, September 10, 2022

Zita Tse 謝霈臻

 One of the most amazing singer I come across - Zita Tse Pui Chun


She can sing such wide repertoire of songs in Cantonese, Mandarin and English

She was a model, actress Contract Singer with Polygram and BMA, and was awarded: Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation - Rookie Silver Award Metro Broadcast Hit Awards - Rookie Gold Award Metro Broadcast 104 Awards - Rookie Gold Award Published mega-hit EP: 『七日鮮』while awarded the ‘Dream Valentine Award’ in the ultimate year of Metro Broadcast Banana Club Starred in films “Rumble Ages 1998”, “Your Place or Mine!” Never fails to showcase her unique voice in numerous hotels, lounges, wedding banquets gigs. Having a repertoire of Cantonese, English, and Mandarin pop songs

Her voice was smooth and coherent

She is a motivated leader and able to work with wide range of personalities

After I listen to her singing I won't felt tired to listen again and again

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Old Airport Road Hawker Center 

Mark Wiens reviews of Old Airport Hawker Center and Toa Payoh Rojak 

My favorite hawker center of Circuit Road and Haig Road

Friday, March 4, 2022

My 3 amazing blogs reaching a milestone of over 200,000 views

 My 3 amazing blogs viral up and reaching a staggering 200000 views

Monday, August 30, 2021

The amazing tricycle

This type of tricycle you rarely find nowadays, that every morning, I woke up at 4 am, 364 days cycled to Sims Drive, from Mattar Road, loaded it with containers of foods.

Covered it with a piece of plastic  put my bicycle on top of it. My mom sitting behind, rain or shine, even the tyres punctuated, after unloaded the foods at Sims Drive hawker centre.

Cycled to Upper Aljunied Technical School, after school cycled the tricycle back to Mattar Road from Sims Drive in the 1970s.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

World Record (Free Style) Soccer Juggling Feats?

All he years since 1986 until recently finally,  Eric  to agreed he had seen me juggling a standard football 3,400 times in one hour and 20 minutes, keeping the standard soccer ball in the air, without letting it drop on the floor at Woodsville Secondary School in 1986 from the beginning to finish, in different patterns, using my body, shoulders, neck, head, back, thigh, heel instep and outstep except my hands.  

Eric recently arranged a gather together with Francis  and his family of his children and wife at the Circuit Road market, we took some wefies together.

Incidentally Francis lent me the extra bicycle for the feats filmed and broadcasted in the TV few months before the record breaking feat.

I had made numerous attempts to verify it before.

Guinness Book of World Records could admit and recognise it one of these days base on different criteria or category?


The Straits Times interviewed by Janice Seah

I had wrote to Ms Jackie Chan of the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation Executive producer now Mediacorp to verify my record breaking feats as the 2 tapes which I and my friend recorded, was damaged by mould, she agreed and replied me through  email. 

The video recording of my amazing (Free Style) football juggling feats and cycling feats had been erased long time ago

It was broadcasted in 1986 in the program World of Sports, Channel 5, Sunday 10 am

Letter from Ms Jackie Chan

The amazing interview with Surekha Yadav of Today newspaper

Today newspaper