James Cook University at Sims Drive

James Cook University Sims Drive Singapore

Sunday, June 18, 2017

An inspiring member with 48 years of experiences

Kok Thai, related his 48 years of experiences from Geylang West Chapter in the MD meeting, how he with strong determination, overcome tremendous difficulties in his life, suffering from polio, with little education worked in the Chinese wayang and many other jobs, married the second time, altogether have 3 children.

Not long ago overcome a serious heart trouble.

Presently he run a successful fruits juice stall.

HIs story was featured in Mediacorp Channel 8, Tuesday Special Edition

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Eric Yeo seen me sleeping in the street and our shakabuku campaign

My incredible experiences: http://gakkai-experiences.blogspot.sg/2013/06/my-incredible-experiences.html#.WUHeKROGORs

Received a message from Eric Yeo Kheng Leong, who reintroduced me to this buddhism in 1986, which he said he had seen me sleeping in the street.

Eric Yeo with me start a massive shakabuku campaign at Sims Drive, he spearhead the campaign, he able overcome an incurable disease, married and had children, even with only primary 6 qualification.

He work in the RSAF armament division which had much off days to do shakabuku, I work for my mom half day. Since I had nothing to lose, near the bottom of my life.

There is nothing to lose by trying what my senior told me to do shakabuku to eradicate my family negative karma.

We would talk to people every in the market, roadside and swimming pool etc.

He usually approach the old lady asked her Hello aunty do you know NMHRK.

Daishonin said as long as we planted the seeds we had done our mission, when the person will chant will up to them.

We rarely argue with them, As I kept reading and trying to understand the practice

He presently own a 3 room corner HDB flat with marble up the ceilings, near the MRT.

He jog regularly even he don't chant now he had created much good causes earlier. Hope he come back.

He is my greatest critic that spur be to work harder.

My life condition gradually elevated and my environment slowly improved

My amazing interview with One FM on my incredible experiences:http://henryleongblog.blogspot.sg/2015/11/my-amazing-interview-of-my-story-by.html#.WUHq8BN96Rs

Saturday, June 10, 2017

A prayer answered in Copenhagen

The last second day of my tour, the tour director informed us, that the next day, the last day we got to find our own program there were no program for the group.

She told us to organise 4 person to take a cab to the city as it was expensive to take the cab alone to the city centre, as our hotel was quite a distance from the city centre.

I asked around but nobody want to go together and the tour director didn't want to organise a tour coach to bring us to the city centre and I don't want to waste the time flying so far to do nothing on the day.

I went back to the hotel to pray earnestly to the Gohonzon for a solution.

Next morning, I woke up early went to our breakfast, met up with 4 persons in the group, this time they agreed to go together, and walk around 10 minute to the Mass Rapid Transit. It was Friday I was surprised that the MRT was quite empty, and it was fully automatic, no staff was station there.

Most of the population there speak Danish.

We got to go to the retail outlet to buy the ticket, some distance away.
We dropped at the world longest shopping street‘Strøget’ from one end to another end.

I bought a wallet for my wife but unfortunately it was lost in the MRT.

After shopping we decided to go for a river cruise at Nyhavn river
After the cruise we took the MRT back. When I came back to the hotel, my friend ask me to take the lunch at the hotel. The staff was slow as there was not enough staff there, I took the most expensive hamburger in my life, which cost me S$30.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Featured in SSA Times

My family story was featured in SSA Times. Singapore Soka Association. Issue  no 492, 15 Aug 14, page 11

The story related how I was introduced to this buddhism, my family was plagued by heavy karmic illnesses, poverty and disharmony.

 Later how my family took up faith and overcome poverty, disharmony and karmic illnesses.

I enshrined the gohonzon first in 1990, then  I prayed for my mom and my brother to  receive the gohonzon later.
Photo featured my sister in law and my mom.
This photo featured my niece wedding dinner.

As the publication couldn't covered everything about my family, I and my mom were actually introduced to this buddhism way back in the 60s, my first discussion meeting was at Blk 14, Merpati Road. A YMD came to my house at Mattar Road to teach my mom gongyo. Subsequently my family lost touch with the buddhism

I was reintroduced to this practice in 1986 by Eric Yeo.
My sister in law started practicing after 16 years when I practice in 1986. She and my brother received the gohonzon soon after they practice. She and my niece Fiona are leaders in the organisation.
Presently most of my siblings are active except my second sister family, which practice on and off

Now each of our siblings own their own properties and harmony, A far cry from the earlier days, before we started the practice, where 10 persons squeezed in a room.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Overcoming numerous obstacles going to Tozan

I had decided to go to Tozan to pray to the Dai Gohonzon. I went there at 1990, next year the high priest stopped the soka members from going to Tozan.

I was fortunate to be able to go to Tozan, 2 weeks before the departure date, the tour agent said the tour package to be increase $400, I want to stop going, luckily a co worker, lent me money to go.

When we reached there we need to register in NSIC first before we can go to Tozan.  Half way back to the hotel. They found out they didn't registered my name, if not I can't enter, so the got to go back
a few hours journey to register my name.

The area were amazing some of the gohonzon we seen were gold plated. The temples there were many accessories around and all the successive high priests name were each in a tablet beside the butsudan.

Around 5K members went to pray to the Dai Gohonzon at the then Head Temple.

After the ceremony, we all stayed together in the huts provided for us for the mid night gongyo at the Grand Reception hall.

Later at night we walked a distance to the Grand Reception Hall, a priest was leading the chanting.

It don't seem rhythmic, the high priest signaled him to stop, he took over and conduct the midnight gongyo.

After praying to the Dai gohonzon, we left the  Head Temple, few hour journey.

My tour of Japan was a week. We visited Disneyland and the zoo

The last day I free and easy, I early in money I decided to walk on my own to see Tokyo myself, I was 6 and the half hour, and lost my way, fortunately I met a kind heart man who drive me back to the hotel.

The row of 36 films which I took at Tokyo was wasted, because  I didn't put the film properly, can't be developed.

Mystically went I came back from Japan, after taking more than one week leave and no overtime, my company paid me the same that I had work full with overtime.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Searching for Chinese restaurant in Vienna

When I went to tours I usually search for Chinese foods. As usually in Vienna, from my hotel after some sightseeing and photo taking.

The Central Business District is within walking distance from the hotel where I stayed, the Intercontinental Hotel. 

The amazing church is one of the largest there. St Stephen’s Cathedral. 

The exquisite stained glass were beautiful.

After walking and taking photos for sometimes I decided to look for a Chinese restaurant.  I found a Chinese restaurant.

You can see the bowl of seafood soup was huge, the chef formerly work in Singapore as he told me, it cost nearly 3 times in Singapore. The chef told me the food here in Vienna mostly are fusion, the cooking style which mixed with other countries like Japan

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My awesome visit to Niagara Falls

Going to Niagara Falls was a dream came true for me, I seem couldn't get enough of it, even now the falls was artificially stimulated.

When we reached the Sheraton Hotel around 7 pm, after I checked in I went straight away  to take picture of the Niagara Falls.

It has 3 falls, 2 at the USA side and one at the Canada side.

I used to spent much time in my younger days at the Pelton Canal  behind my house. Naturally I like the waterfront.

When I took pictures at the Canada side of the falls, it was too misty at night,  while the slight rain increase the mist, can't take good pictures.

Went to the Sheraton Hotel and its surrounding to take pictures. Took pictures of the GBR and the upside down house.

When back to  the hotel took more picture of the falls from the window and took my favourite beer. And my favourite steam bath. Slept late as usual, tomorrow woke up early to maximize my sightseeing time.

Next day woke up early in the morning do my gongyo and rush to sixth floor for  breakfast. Behind  me is the fall.

Then went to the Canada side of the falls and took lots of pictures.

Later in the afternoon when up the Skylon Tower to take more pictures and had our lunch. And went for the misty boat ride. It was a rough ride it was raining at that time, everybody was jostling for a good view and pictures.
Skylon Tower

Hornblower Niagara Cruises - The heavy misty misty ride