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Thursday, June 7, 2007

The secrets of why companies success

There are many ways the companies can success,but not many can last long.

Companies like Walmart success by been the cheapest among his competitors. He would advertises some products that are cheapest prices in his stores to attract hordes of bargain hunters from far away.

He use helicopters to scout for the busiest locations to set up his shops.

Thomas Edison companies General Electric success by been innovative and coming up with new innovations regularly. His company still survive long after his dead.

Apples MP3 sell more than Creative it's not that their products are superior to Creative, but because they had better marketing and packaging ideas(The fact that Apple need to pay Creative $100 millions for the Copyright).

Some of their ideas are rejuvenated old ideas, Japanese had been using earlier.

Warren Buffret buy companies that even recession people need to use like Gillette. Every day millions of men need to shave.

He also like to buy companies like Coke, millions and millions of people drink it everyday.

He said that you only need to have a few good ideas to be successful in your lifetime. As most companies don't success.

Not surprising the world oldest company:
is in the buildings and constructions trade where everybody need a roof over their head rain or shine.

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