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Monday, June 4, 2007

Exciting times at People Associations

I had many interesting and memorable times at the PA.

They used to organise a wide varieties of interesting activities for singles each month. I always look forward for the new Channel Magazine they sent me each month, which listed almost all the interesting activities all over Singapore to stay connected.

You name it they had it. Whether you want to go travelling, discos, camping, karaoke, tea dance, cooking, ice skating, learn some new things & dancing classes they have it. We are able to join the community clubs in different parts of Singapore.

Some of my most memorable and happiest activities were my two days trip to the Batam kelong.The sunrise, sunset, the moon in the middle of the open sea, spicy fresh sea foods made one of my most memorable trip.

Usually the dancing classes were fully booked. No wonder the ladies are such good dancers. On one occasion when I received the channel, straight away I sent my check to PA for the intermediate class, it was rejected because it was already fully booked. It was so popular it was fully booked even before it was open to the public.

Every Saturday there was usually a disco program at a hotel in Orchard Road at a favorable price for PA to practice our steps. Sometimes I went down. At one instances, when I invited a lady to dance.

Wow! That was a fantastic experience of my life, the lady dancer was better than me in dancing. You might thought as a man I had no problem in throwing her around, but the opposite was true. She would throw me round and round, we were dancing one hour plus non-stop, my whole body were sweating so profusely.

My shirt was wet with my sweat, the edge were coming out, some parts where torn, trying to catch up with her and the disco tempo were so fast I couldn't even had the time to think of my next step. She kept throwing me, I kept following.

It was one of the most vigorous activities of my life. The encounter with the lady dancer was so dramatic and hectic. I was frequently grasping for air, lost a shirt button, but fortunately not my pants.

When I reach home after some time my whole body and bones were aching from the unexpected workout.

Some of the more interesting activities was an outing at the Pasir Ris resorts. It was an overnight affair. We would chit-chat with the ladies till the wee hours and adjourned to the nearby beach at Changi to continue our conversations watching the beautiful sea.

There were a combination of karaoke, disco and swimming at the resort. The sound system were blasting out songs near the swimming pool. With whole loads of fun and activities.

At one outing in St John islands, we got to build the camps ourselves, and participated in lots of games.

Unfortunately PA cut us off when we were married. I think we should be continue to be able to participate, because there is such a wide varieties of activities for us to choose which they were able to put together in a single magazine for us to choose to enjoy and socialise.

Because PA had such a huge contact with lots of organisations, so organising lots of different activities is not a problem.

It's difficult to find in other areas. Not all them went there to look for partners, they joined it because some of their activities are interesting to them. I felt that some ladies came here more were interested in the activities than finding a partner.

The People Association put together such wide varieties of activities it like, at least one or two programs, that are interesting and to learn something each month.

If at that time blogging were invented, it will be more interesting, after the activities we still be able to stay connected and know more about each other better through blogging.

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