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Friday, June 29, 2007

The secrets of staying healthy and fit

My formula for staying healthy is to take lots of vegetables, fruits and walk long hours.

I was born sickly and asthmatic and gave lots of problems to my parents. So staying healthy is very important to me.

Fitness Guru Jack Lalanne at 89 still wake up early in the morning at 5 to exercises two hour.

I used to spend hours and hours riding a bike at East Coast Park. In the morning I used to see people exercise regularly there.

I used to swim hours regularly in my younger days. Swimming involved the whole body and it is a good way to de-stress.

Yan can cook mother told him you can eat anything, but take lots of vegetables.

I once rented a place from an old man who was 77 years old, healthy and actives. Who regularly took bananas. He said eating bananas will make pass motion easier.

To stay healthy you need to do exercises consistently. Give yourself time to built up your endurance and stamina. Do not rush. Do not suddenly exercise vigorous then later stop for a long time.

Regular exercise is an insurance.

The Japanese have the most seniors citizens the secrets lies in the green tea, they drinks.
Green tea have the properties of removing those harmful substances from our body.

I doesn't like to get sick and I rarely get sick. As you know get sick is no joke. Even a toothache could cause you lots of pain.

I observed that the Chinese in the morning went to exercise carries a bottle of Chinese tea. I think Chinese tea is good because it clear away all those harmful materials in our body. Lot of them are quite old. I think their formula of been old and healthy is to drink Chinese tea regularly.

You can see many chinese top leaders in their eighties.

Japan have the oldest population, I think is the green tea they took.

I choose walking because it is easy to accomplish, I combine my interest in look at shops to exercises. Once when I was in San Francisco. I explore the Chinatown with an elderly couples. At seven o'clock pm they want to call it a day. So I miss the chance of seeing more things.

I prefer the walk as much on my own the explore the cities, I may not be able to come back to see the place again. So I need to see the place as much as I can.

Many might not had the discipline to do a vigorous workout. I recommend start your walking programs. You might later slowly build up to longer distances.

My routines consists of 3 day a week. of walking around the cities areas and shopping. I don't felt much difficulties. By walking around see new things time past very fast and make me feel happy.

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