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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The values I want my children to have

Every parents hope that their children, grow up happy and successful. Numerous successful individuals attribute, their success to their parents.

Of course I hope my kids to grow up to be happy individuals and able to contribute to the society.

I will not pressure them to get a degree at all cost. Some of them might be are late developers. Some parents over pressured their kids to get a certificate in the end if might harm their kids more.

I hope to develop my kids curosity and interest in learning.

If they are good in skills they can get into the ITE first.

Robert Kiyosaki said most schools don't teach financial literacy. His real father is well educated asked him to learn about investments from his another adopted dad, which had only primary school education. Yet is a successful entrepreneur. His highly educated dad end up in debt after working very hard all his life in the government institutions.

I would like to teach my children about investment. It take a long time to understand the market cycle.

If my children master the skills of investment early. He can make money to finance his various other interests. He will enjoy his journey, rather then seek instant gratifications.

Adam Khoo's father who is an entrepreneur, who didn't give his son lots of money in his youth. So Adam got to look for ways to earn money between his classes. Through his early experiences starting young in his own business early, he got a head start.

Some of the most successful footballer their fathers are footballers. Fandi Ahmad with ITE education earn lots of money but through numerous failed ventures in his business fell into debt. Maradona went into drugs.

I think children in their young should learn more about how to invest in good companies.

South Korea had associations forms, on how not to pass too much money to their children after of some of the rich kids got into troubles.

I will want my children to mix around with lots of people. So when they grown up they able to handle human relationships better and able to choose the right spouses.

Napolean Hill said in his book our worth is our abilities to induce the cooperations of others.

If kids learn to handle and adjusts with their relations in their early years there will be less wars later. Children are important parts of our future.

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