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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Left only one year to live, how to overcome it

( Wrote if a person got only one year of life. What should one do, suggestions: Everyday he got to write down some good deeds he want to do, whether to encourage people or something positive to extend his or her life.

Norman Cousins was afflicted with cancer pronounced to had only few months left by doctor. Through his positive thinking, constant laughters, he able to extend his life.

Think how you can visits the old folks home, hospitals, prisons to encourage them.

Through the positive causes the person created he/she will able to extend his/her life.Encouraging words by Steve Jobs when he nearly died of cancer:


highway said...

Dear Henry,

Thanks for replying my post here!

I had a close friend who pronounced by doctor only to have 6 months managed to extend his life for another few fulfilling years before he moved on.

You have some insightful posts indeed, nice to meet you :)


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