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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A very funny dating joke

The joke was so funny, it prompted many listeners to write and call in. One listener Michelle said she laughed until she can't stand.

In this a single matching program. Interested parties were to submit their particulars to the 9.72 Radio DJ Yong Mei for her to arrange .

They were supposed to call up in the lunch hour to ask each other questions . In this particular showthe single lady Judy was asking the single man questions. The single man was a Chemicals Delivery Specialist.

At a particular juncture, she asked don't know they got any 'chemistry' or not. MC King who was Yong Mei hosting partner, answered on behalf of the single man. 'Yes he got alot', 'He got whole lorry of chemicals'. Everybody kept laughing.

This joke made me laugh for a few days.

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