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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The most successful stock

The most successful stock is Singapore based Venture Corp, a contract manufacturer for global electronic industry, from 36 cents in 1991, it move up to $32 in 2000 even in between these years, it gave numerous rights and bonus issues, its net earning from $2.5 millions dollars in 1990 increased to 115 millions dollars in 2000, making it the greatest stock of all time.

Some factors that contribute to the company success, the founder Wong Ngit Liong's father is a businessman and he had a degree in mechanical engineering. These are the likely factors that give him an edge.

Ways to find the best stocks:

Fast growth, industry niche, or area domination.

The ability to increase earnings even during recessions.

Analyst lack of familiarity with the company.

Ever-growing repeat orders, 'Cookie Cutter' factors.

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