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Thursday, May 4, 2017

My most intensive medias interview ever

The online version;

I had forwarded my testimony to Rachel Boon  of Straits Times Money Desk about my chanting to gohonzon, overcoming my poverty, family disharmony and sickness, from sleeping in the street to fulfillling my childhood dream of travelling through my investments.

She agreed to write the investment part but not my chanting part.

Subsequently Rupali Karekar who had 17 years journalist experiences. Emailed me many questions about my life and asked me for documentary proofs of my investments claims for verifications.

How I second time developed  a way to predict the topics that came out of my GCE O Level, that I didn't pass, I passed all three with better result than the earlier 3 and used the same methods to predict the stock market, which I am able to travel the world from sleeping in the street.

Through and forth for more than 2 weeks of intensive interviews through various emails, whats apps, phone calls & face to face, I forwarded her numerous documentary proofs.

Rupali Karekar replied me with various part of my story, which I need to correct it numerous times.

Then we met face to face interview. Which she asked numerous questions  using her laptop and recorded down what I said in 2 recorders, for one and the half hour and left. Later the cameraman came and took numerous pictures of me.

Featured in Asiaone:

At New York Stock Exchange

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