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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My heart stopping moment at Australia

I hope to travel to central europe in September 2012, with my friend. But my friend changed his mind, so I changed my plan and went to Australia and New Zealand myself instead.

This trip was arranged in Singapore, I got to find my own way, the transport to the hotels the sightseeing etc, Sometimes got to walk to a distance of around 15 min, where a few tourists will wait together there for the tour coach to bring us to sightseeing, no tour manager or director to inform or to guide me, do the booking and checking in the hotels or transport.

When I was in Australia after completing my tour in New Zealand,

At Sydney Australia the first day I went to the city tour, there was no change of the tour coach all the way.

The second day to Canberra  to and back 16 hours, the longest journey I had travelled on the road. I went to a place 15 min from my hotel to wait for the tour coach. They drive us to a place and changed bus.

I thought it was same as first day, so I put my camera and passport in my small bag beside my big bag. Then suddenly the coach stop asked us to come down.

I was in the hurried as I saw many was going down. I  got up to prepare to go down.

Suddenly the lady sitting opposite seat beside my seat notice I left something behind, she notified me. I thanks her and heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately I always chanted between half to 2 hours per day when I travels in the hotel.

I related my story to the lady in the reception who process my particularly at the ticketing counter at the airport, Her expression look interesting as of the heart stopping moment, she told me I am very lucky.

I thanks gohonzon,  if not I will be in serious trouble.

Canberra, Parliament
Lake Tekapo New Zealand

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