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Friday, February 16, 2007

How to cook the best steamboat and chicken rice

Some of Singapore favorite food are chicken rice and steamboat.

I believe the best steamboat should be cook in claypot using charcoal. And tip into the fried shallots oil with soya sauce. Now a days because of convenience it is usually cook by gas and metal utensils.

The soup will be the tastiest, if you don't mind spending some time.

My mother had been cooking for 50 years, she use to cook very tasty soup for us.

My all time favourite dish is fresh chicken cook by my mother. Usually at the Chinese New Year she will prepare my favourite food- chicken dump sticks(a bit raw).

An old chicken seller, teach my mother to cook the best chicken rice it need to a bit of raw. So that when you eat it, it is very smooth.

Combined with the fried shallot oil, with light soya sauce and sliced spring onions, putting the three together in bowl.

To cook the sliced shallots to perfection. Burn the wok hot. Then put the oil in, throw in the sliced onion. Cook until it is yellow, stop the fire, should not be brown. Because later it will turn darker and not so tasty.

This combination of near raw chicken and fried shallot oils, will bring unforgettable experience.


jabishah said...

Yummy! chicken rice... that's my family fav! I'm due to cook that. Might share that in my blog too. Can you pls get the recipe frm ur mom? The steamboat soup... Tx in advance ;)

Henry Leong said...

The secret is to use the freshest seafood and boil it for a while and dip it in the light soya sauce with fried shallot oil. When you take the soup you. It will be like heaven. Try it.

Hoon by TPH said...


Too bad that the only restaurant which used charcoal for steamboat was closed down last year. If not, you can give it a try here, Cameron Highlands. No doubt, the soup is much more delicious.

Chicken favourite. You know what ? I seldom had chance to eat checken rice when I was small. This is because we ate at home all year round. The only chance was spring cleaning day.Due to this reason, I like eating chicken rice very much.

And you may find that I am weird...;D For me, a plate of chicken rice without soup and that specially made chilli sauce is incomplete. I would rather not eat at that stall if I find out that there is no soup ??! Funny yah..

Henry Leong said...

Hi Vedis,

My all time fav dish is the chicken rice cook by my mother. I don't any outside stall better than my mother's, she know that I like the chicken drum stick and always made two for me. Tipping it into fried shallot oils with light soya sauce with spring onion.