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Sunday, February 25, 2007

How to grow beautiful flowers and plants

After trying to grow beautiful flowers for numerous years, end in dismay. Finally I found the secrets of growing beautiful flowers after taking a practical course, it really help.

The soil need to loosen regularly to allow air into the roots, & for it to adsorb nutrients easily, so the root can expand can grow faster.

Unwanted leaves needed to be pruned regularly, to allow new and more beautiful leaves and flower to grow.

Every month fertilizer need to be added. If your plants has more greenery asked for plant fertilizer, if more flower ask for flower fertilizer.

If you want to automate it. Put earthworm on it, for them to automatically loosen the soil.

If you want your flower to be beautiful and grow faster, water it a few more times a day.

Use good loam soil which is the important part, which is not too sandy or too much clay and for it to hold water well to keep the root moist.

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