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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Request to use my photo for non commercial purpose

Dutch website requested to use my photo for non-commercial, research purpose:

Images for non-commercial publication

Dear Henry Leong Him Woh,

We are doing a research on sustainable cities; urban greenblue grids. This non-commercial research will result in a book and website and is funded by the Dutch government. It will take a closer look on how cities can become more sustainable with the use of water and green grids. The project we're doing has a small website with the latest updates (in Dutch):

For our publication we're going to use illustrations and examples. For the chapter Biodiversity and Green Roofs we're looking for some good examples, like the green roofs in Singapore. My request is if it is possible to use the following image? And is it possible to get it in high resolution?

The photographer will be mentioned at all the images in our publication.

I hope to get an answer soon and what the possibilities are.

Kind regards,
Amar Sjauw En Wa

Koningsplein 93
2611 XG Delft

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