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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lynzabel Lee - Actress, Model & Yoga Instructress

Lynzabel Lee
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UCLA : A's student in Acting;
Certificate of Media and Entertainment.
Also studied under Brad Heller;
Acting Instructress (part-time):
@ Hollywood (Beverly Hills Studio)

English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean,
French, German
Dialects: Hokkien, Cantonese, Teo-chew

Current Profession: Yoga Instructress
Age: Private
Special training:
Stunts, Kung Fu, Exotic Dancing.

Background training:
Psychology and Liberal Arts, Fine arts, Films & entertainment.

Lynzabel lived in Santa Monica, California for 10 years; did numerous small projects but did not have the habit of keeping any 'portfolio'. Currently base in Singapore, she is looking for an agent for overseas acting assignments; focus is international.

What Lynzabel taught about acting:
Some may think acting requires no skills or study but there are miniscule details which constitutes a great actor; such as:-
types of acting theatre, film, comedy, thiller etc; in line with director's intention.
proper techinique to memorizing scripts
natural versus preconceived movements
breath, energy flow and emotions
'atmosis' the term Lynza use for being in touch with a 'space'.
importance of getting out of character (it can be dangerous unconsciously. Because the mind is such a powerful tool that when a person really believe in a situation, the mind can cause the outer to manifest; which can lead to death).
projection of 'chi' energy.


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