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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Time to upgrade Commonwealth MRT?

As there were huge development around the area, which attracted lots of expats staying. Commonwealth MRT designed in the 80s. Should it be upgraded to keep up with the development around?

In Hong Kong lots of beautiful shops used to concentrated around the MTR.

The image of the MRT seem quite old.

Recently more and more youngsters were attracted to staying there, as it is very convenient and near the biggest Singapore industrial development One North.

Any interesting and fresh ideas and suggestions?


DK said...

The station between Clementi to Redhill are of same design and age. If commonwealth needs to be upgraded, then shouldnt the rest be upgraded too? Why just commonwealth? Because more expats staying in that area? But we are no longer under colonial rule. So why bother? haha

And clementi to redhill station are not the oldest MRT station around. AMK to TPY are the oldest. Maybe we should upgrade them first.

Henry Leong said...

DK did you took a look at Dover MRT?

DK said...

OK, clementi to redhill exclude dover are the same age.

If i remember correctly, they did renovate those stations few years ago.

But my point is, why just commonwealth? Why not the whole group? And why not AMK to TPY which is much older?

Pkchukiss said...

No. In an age where the transport operators are clamouring for fare hikes every year, expenditures need to be kept as low as possible - that means no frivolous upgrading of train stations, be it old or not, unless it is really necessary.

The needy are already finding it hard to afford current fare prices, and the train network being a public service should attempt to keep their costs low to allow the poor to afford the transportation.

Henry Leong said...

They can defray the cost through advertise space and rent out the spaces to shops etc.