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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Biodiesel , the next big thing?

With the record breaking petrol price! Heavy demand of fuel from China and India as they begin to industrialise.

As biodiesel is more environmental friendly than petrol. More ways could be develop to produce it efficiency as countries is slowly using more biodiesel.

Could biodiesel replace petrol in the future. It is viable for Singapore to concentrate research on biodiesel, as Singapore had the largest hinterland of palm oil in the world, vast biodiversity around the region.

Recently Normay is building the world largest solar cell centre in the world in Singapore.

Singapore had been building a $15 billions biopolis, why not concentrate on it as it attracting the top scientist in the world to research at One North.

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Anonymous said...

Currently biodeisel is made from food crops which then causes a land competition...
Food vs diesel.

Thats where the prob comes in IMO. In developing countries, people will start growing these cash crops causing a reduction of food supply, etc. This in turn causes food prices to go up!

Biodiesel should look at sources which are not food related and can be grown in high density without use of much chemicals