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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Most memorable eating spots.

If you ask me which is my most memorable eating spot. I think is at chinatown of London. As I usually go to explore any good Chinese eating place when I went to tour. The beef noodles soup, fish porridge and large pig interesting were very fresh.

In Paris I like the grapes which were so big and tasty. A far cry what we eat in Singapore. They a famous for their pancakes. I think I took the tastiest and most memorable duck rice in a Chinese Paris restaurant run by an Indonesian Chinese.Best selling cookbooks

In western countries I usually went to the Chinatown to look for my favourite food. In San Francisco. I like the tasty spicy sotong(squid).

In Vancouver Canada. I went to the Chinatown I took the wonton mee. The prawn wonton was so big and delicious.

In Batam at a seafood's restaurant at the beach. The seafood were so fresh and tasty. We point different live sea creatures straight away they brought to the kitchen and cook it immediately. 11 of us 6 adults and 7 children the whole courses only s$60.

At Selat Panjang a small island off Indonesia. I like the curry chicken. Their curry spices were so different. They can made a few types of curry chicken with different spices. Their spice is very nice because it is not very hot when you take it seem very natural.

I like to drop by the Johore Bahru immigration point for the huge and inexpensive hawker food. My favourites are deep fried chicken drum stick , mutton soup and the half spicy ray fish only 9 ringgit Malaysia dollar.

In Tokyo I took the tastiest every deep fried prawn with bread crumb. They had mastered the art of deep. The deep fried pigeon also caught my attention.

At the Knott's Berry Farm, I still can remember the very tasty deep fried beef ribs tipped into special sauces.

At Beijing, at a hawker stall. I took a very tasty deep fried drum stick.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the recommendation! Can see that you travel frequently. Business trips?

Henry Leong said...

All my trips are holidays. Nice to know that you stay around the same area as me. What years?

Anonymous said...

PLEASE can you tell me how you integrated your slide show and made it work?
Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I was looking further down, it seems like your pictures and the sidebar is out of alinement. They clash.

Henry Leong said...


When I add more entries in my blog they will not clash, because those photos are larger in size.

Henry Leong said...

Hi Su,
I think your blog is from wordpress I am not very sure. If you use Blogger click the Slidecom, they will direct you.