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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Eric seen me sleeping in the street and our shakabuku campaign

Received a message from EricYeo, which he said he had seen me sleeping in the street. 

I was sleeping outside our one room rental at Mattar Road and Sims Drive till 27 years old

I work for my mom half day. Since I had nothing to lose, near the bottom of my life. After working I went training football juggling and cycling feat to plumb up endorphins

He is a friendly and always seen me practicing (free style) football juggling at Woodsville and come to approach me

We would talk to people every in the market, roadside and swimming pool  etc.

He presently married with 2 children own a 3 room corner HDB flat with marble up the ceilings, near the MRT.

He is my greatest critic and spur be to work harder.

My amazing interview with One FM on my incredible experiences:

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