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Sunday, October 26, 2014

My most nerve wracking journey - Travelling to Hallstatt

Fortunately I am able to go there, with the discouragement of the Singapore tour agency, and the discouragement of the tour director there, I insisted on going there myself, took a cab from the hotel in Vienna, to the railway station, traveled 300KM. 

That day the group is going to Slovakia, I am going on my own to Hallstatt.

Mystically one person seated opposite me told me he is going there too, reach there still got to take a boat to the opposite shore.

This place is the photo I had framed for 20 over years from a SGI  magazine, which I hope to see, I am finally able to see it.

I still got to back to the return journey, I can't missed it, the tour group, which will leave Vienna tomorrow early morning,  Luckily met a lady sitting opposite said she too going to the same place too, to Vienna - my most nerve wracking journey.

The photograph on the train, by the German undergraduate, who was on the same route as me back to Vienna, we had a nice  conversations, she was studying filming, completed her holiday.
When we reached Vienna, help her brought the luggage down as the luggage was heavy

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