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Saturday, December 31, 2011

How the Nobel Prizes influence the success and happiness of the Swedish people
Highly successful people usually started early in their life in their chosen field of endeavors. They are likely to have a influential figure as their models of success. The persons are likely to be their close relatives.

Bill Gates father is a banker. Warren Buffret father is a remisier. Maradona grandfather gave him a football as a present at his one year old birthday. Michel Platini's father built a football field model for him to practice his freekicks.

With the highly prestigious Nobel Prizes given to the carefully selected winners from around the world in 6 categories ( Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace awarded in Norway and Sweden) Each prize is worth US $1.5 million and there might be joint winners.

Children  look for role models to follow. With the regular broadcasting of the Nobel Prizes ceremony and the winners flying every year to collect their prizes in Sweden, which in turn inspire the many Swedish children to set aim to achieve the Nobel Prizes.

It not surprise that Sweden with a such a small population of only 9 million people able to produce many giants like Ikea, Volve & Scania etc

Sweden produced many major inventions: 

A person may invent something, it take a innovator like Henry Ford or Steve Job to improve on it and make it a best seller.

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