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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nevha Canal Copenhagen river cruise

The last day of my tour, drawn some interesting conclusions.
The day is free and easy. To go on the boat ride to see the coastline of Copenhagen. We need to take a cab, which  I need to find 4 persons or take the Mass Rapid Transit.
I went downstair the hotel, hope to figure out how to take the Mass Rapid Transit to the city centre.
Fortunately I found 4 persons, they asked me to follow them to take the train to the city, we decided to go for the river cruise.
The mass rapid transit is fully automatic. Can use only credit cards or buy a paper card ticket from the nearby convenient store. No staff were stationed at the entrance.
It was Friday morning the train was not very crowded. When reached the city, we got to walk around another ten minutes to the starting point of the river cruise. On our way we saw the innovative transparent houses, the back  of The Little Mermaid scupture, unused cannons,  rows of sailing boats at the both sides of the canals. I have always admires the Danish ways of innovations and designs.  The boat ride was around one hour journey.

I was happy that I am able to take the river boat ride, which might not happened if I didn't met the four other persons. What a happy and fulfilling way to end my Scandinavian tour.

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